This is the most common Stunt to be done when attempting to waste/getting wasted. It serves no other purpose but that.


To do it normally, drift off a medium size-ramp. The result would be at least a 180, but more often a 360, as seen here. For more ab-normal circumstances, attempt to waste a car with high speed percentages. Either you (or that car) will be sent away, usually spinning. DR Monstaa can easily do this due to his large wheels.


Though the stunt is used for gaining speeds, if intentionally done usually simply slows the player down. Thus, it is safer for the player to hope for this when wasting a car.

This stunt results in (Please Add) gained after.


No cars CANNOT do this, as anything is possible when the player collides with Radical One. MASHEEN is able to do this off a Giant Ramp normally.


  • If a player in Need For Madness Multiplayer attempts a 360 and lands near/on the victim, they take ridiculously high damage while the player spins even further- but the final result is a 360.

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