Aerial Boost (abbreviated as AB), also known as Hyper Gliding, is a stunting strategy which is used by many players, and it is usually used to bolster the player forwards at a great speed. Though Aerial Boost is somewhat of a stunt, it is fairly easy enough to perform. This works best with Radical One.

How-to Edit

To do this semi-stunt, go up a ramp. Once in the air, hold the Space Bar and Up + Down key at the same time. Your car will boost very far through the air.

Overview Edit

Aerial Boosting is mainly used to gain the advantage to try and reach first place in a race. Aerial Boosting, when used correctly, can be a useful tactic to catch up to other players if the player ends up in a bad position during a race or in special circumstances.

Aerial Boosting can be continuosly executed by Bouncing, this works when the player lands perfectly on four wheels, the player can resume Aerial Boosting by applying the same keys after landing perfectly, which can gain the player a substantial advantage when used wisely. Whilst this does not initially gain power up, players can combine Aerial Boosting and Bouncing by pulling off Rollspins with it as well (For explanation - Spacebar + Up + Down + Right/Left Key) in which the player can obtain some power and use it as an advantage during a race. Other stunts can be performed after landing on four wheels perfectly depending on what car is used.

Exceptions Edit

Radical One, Mighty Eight, Kool Kat, High Rider, and Tornado Shark can do this semi-stunt with more boost than others, they will bolster forwards in the air further than other cars.

Notes Edit

  • Cars like MASHEEN cannot actually perform this. This is due to their terrible stunting capability.
  • Cars automatically flatten out to a safe landing angle when performed.
  • Be careful: after holding the keys, any loop will cause the car to flip out of control! Rollspins appear to be immune to this effect.
  • When performing the Aerial Boost, the car will fly in the direction it's pointed on. Clever players will use a slight rotation of their cars to guide themselves towards an objective. Also note that facing backwards will slow your forward motion.
  • Not only the trick is cool, but It can also save your life. For example, you can use it in the level "Suddenly The King Becomes Santa's Little Helper" on the third lap where M A S H E E N is waiting for you to land and waste you. If used correctly, you can complete Four Dimensional Vertigo with ease.