Arrested by the Man
Arrested By The Man
The Police's Playground

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Boss Car

Sword of Justice

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AI Behavior

Slightly aggressive (except for Sword of Justice)

Preceded by

Let The Dream Begin

Followed by

Twisted Revenge

Arrested by the Man is a stage in Need For Madness 2. It marks the debut of Sword of Justice.


The stage introduces a police car, Sword of Justice, who is rather fast and does some hefty damage to most cars. This is a 4 lap race with spikes positioned in some areas. Sword of Justice will start hunting you down after the 3rd checkpoint. Drifter X will also attempt this. The soundtrack is rather police-ish. At a bird's eye view, the track looks kind of like a gun shape made by making a fist, then uncurling your finger and thumb



Though wasting is not recommended due to Sword of Justice's high strength, although it is still possible to use a wasting strategy on this level. Wow Caninaro or Lead Oxide are the recommended choices of car for this, due to them being the strongest car you have until Sword of Justice himself is unlocked.

The strategy makes use of the tendency for Sword of Justice to become overconfident and accidentally waste itself. When the race starts, simply go along with the other racers and race. Do not engage any car yet. However, the moment you see "Sword of Justice has been wasted!" pop up, this is your cue to take over it's position. Break from racing and waste everyone you see, occassionally doing stunts for power. As all the other cars are weaker than you, you can win easily.

Wasting Areas:

  • At the start, turn right to where the fixing hoop is, using the ramps in between. Go backwards from there and waste the incoming racers.
  • Another way is also possible, but is otherwise isn't recommended. Go through the starting line and to the finish line, and waste the incomers THERE. If none are there, go to the corner after the hoop. Don't get arrested!


Any fast car like La Vita Crab or Max Revenge will do. Formula 7 should not be used because it will get wasted easily but Drifter X is a fine choice. Tornado Shark may also work.

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