Bad Landing is a very feared stunt type that gains no Power at all, and is one of the most reasons that one should fail a stage.


Land on the ground abnormally, with the hood or back facing the floor. In some cases, the player could get into a bad landing position even if landed perfectly.


Landing Badly can cause Wasting and Racing much more difficulty to win and may even cost the player the game. In racing, especially if it's a 1 lap stage, it is really hard to recover unless the player has a long lead ahead of their opponents. In multi-lap stages, Bad Landings can lead to the player being wasted or lose the pole position. In wasting, it can lead to two effects, either a positive or a negative effect. It is positive if the player happens to use a car suited for wasting or when attempting to waste, since it is almost a free kill for the waster. It is negative if the player is the one being wasted, since some cars or players may attack continuously whilst in a bad landing position, and the player may not immediately recover and will usually end with severe damage or get wasted in the process.


Sometimes, even Bad Landings provide you power (from the stunt you did before the Bad Landing happened). It is interesting because you get power even if you are upside down. But this only happens if the player happen to use Radical One or any car with decent stunting skills. But trying to exploit this glitch is not recommended. Given the likely effect of losing your lead or being wasted by the cars, it is advisable to try and land your stunts perfectly.

Trivia Edit

  • Before NFMM, it is possible to land slightly on the sides (Wheel Glitch)
Can you crack the code here it is

Dr. Monstaa about to do a bad landing

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