This strategy is same as Forklift driver but it is different then that's strategy and also same as Tag Team Destroyer .


When you can see one car is has been sent flying you must catch it and the car must be up in the air and the front car in you will (very rarely) catch it and you must catch it again (if you don't catch it the strategy will be over) and some how the strategy will be also over if the car that has been sent flying gets wasted the strategy will be now over (the strategy will not be over if you will still catch the ball (car) and when it also touches the ground and you must find a way to sent it flying . And also if you get wasted or your play mate gets Wasted and strategy will be over until you keep the ball (car) bouncing while your moving and find another one.

Difficulty Edit

This strategy is very rarely to work but sometimes it will.


  • The strategy looks like a player and a player playing badminton...

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