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The "Big Three" is a nickname for the biggest and strongest vehicles in Need for Madness 2. They are able to waste other game cars easily. These three cars are known as EL KING, M A S H E E N, and DR Monstaa.

Truel of the 3 Kings.

In the original NFM game, there was only two of these cars (since M A S H E E N was introduced in NFM 2,) and as such were coined as the "Big Two."

All of these cars excel at one trait and usually have at least one stat maxed, with:

  • EL KING sets a middleground. It has good strength and okay speed. It's usually better off wasting rather than racing.

Other namesEdit

As the term "Big 3" is unofficial, there are many names for them, with the following being the most common:

  • Class A Wasters
  • Big Boys
  • Giants
  • Wasters
  • Big 4 (If Radical One is included, which sometimes is)
  • The Three Kings (courtesy of Ford Brown on Facebook)
  • The Three Stooges
  • The Mighty Trio
  • The Big Ones