• The-buster-ZX

    After pulling the plug of the comment section for the last 2 years (Because of spam attacks) I have decided to bring it back for everyone (besides unregistered users) to use again. I will be deleting old comments from 2012-2014 since they are no longer relevant to recent actions from those users. I'm being extremely careful about this choice since there were massive spam attacks and fights when this was activated, so if you see a potential fight or spam attack, please report it to me and I will handle it. I hope I won't have to handle any attacks, but if I have to, they will be contained. So comment on and enjoy your time on the NFM WIKI.


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  • Mr. Gilliglass

    If you make any 5 cars in the Car maker, then what would you make?

    For me it is this-

    1. Bumper car(Amusement park)
    2. Airplane(Fokker Dr.II)
    3. London Bus(AEC Routemaster)
    4. Motorboat on wheels
    5. Limousine
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  • Meighty

    It all came out of the blue, really.

    I was a little kid, 6-8 years old, playing online games and going to school. It all started when one day, I discovered Need for Madness on a website called Miniclip. I've played it for a week and I've somehow won it (it wasn't easy for me as I didn't know as much English as I do today, so I almost didn't know what I was doing). After that, one month later, I come back only to realise that the progress I made was somehow erased (probably because cookies were being pruned). At this point I pretty much left the game and wasn't aware of the things that happened within it. Fast forward to 2011/2012, and I discover Need for Madness 2 Revised and Recharged. That was an amazing comeback of memories I spent with …

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  • Krazyfilmer123

    A video

    April 19, 2014 by Krazyfilmer123

    So, since i'm an Unterganger (someone who makes Downfall/Hitler parodies) and I like NFM, I made this video on my YouTube channel using Windows Movie Maker!

    Hitler plays Need for Madness 2!

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  • SundownMKII

    (random title here)

    March 21, 2014 by SundownMKII

    So, I've had a pretty spotty attendance record. However, I've thrown down $11 and gotten in on the premium features of NFMM, so yeah. My activity may or may not increase; I have to deal with the general things of life such as school and yardwork.

    Anyways, what have I missed so far, if anyone's even active other than the random anon contributer?

    Also, having the Adventure font for bold text and article links is really getting on my OCD, hard. Nyeeeeh.

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  • Mike458

    Hello everyone; been over a year since I posted a blog post. Because I'm now failing (getting Bs in 3 subjects which really isn't failing) school, I possibly won't be online as much as I used to. However, whenever I get the chance, I will come online and monitor the wiki to see how it's doing. If anyone wants to take over this site while I am inactive at random points in time, please send me or TheBusterZX and we will decide if you can become an admin or not.

    To become an admin, please fill out this template:

    User Name:

    Number of edits:

    References [who thinks that you qualify for admin status] and links (if any):

    Why do you think that you should be an admin?:

    Why do you want to become an admin yourself?:

    That is all.

    I'm a pony. Deal with it. 18:0…

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  • Thesamme913

    My Top 10 cars in NFM

    October 24, 2013 by Thesamme913

    Here are my top 10 cars in NFM

    10:Tornado Shark 9:Wow Caninaro 8:Drifter X 7:Sword of Justice 6:High Rider 5:Formula 7 4:EL KING 3:DR Monstaa 2:Mighty Eight 1:Radical One

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  • Thesamme913

    Free play

    October 19, 2013 by Thesamme913

    Free play is a mode that you can do what you can do with out unlocking cars stages

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  • The-buster-ZX

    New warning alert box

    September 6, 2013 by The-buster-ZX

    So, I decided to implement a warning box that will help us out and warn members when spam attacks are taking place. I will post them on the main page and it will show which stage of spam we are currently in. To admins who take the time to help, when a spam attack takes place and no other admin is online, please edit the message on the main page and set the warning bar to a setting that matches the amount of spam the wiki has recived. To explain more on how this to play out, I will show you what will the warning bar be like.

    This is the best stage and it means we haven't recived any spam for a long while and that means the wiki is currently clean and happy. This also means no problems have been happening and we don't have to worry about spam…

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  • ACVoong


    August 3, 2013 by ACVoong

    I logged back here after an unofficial short, indefinite hiatus, and from typing this blog post, I've noticed that I've been demoted from Administrator to a Chat Moderator. I have nothing against this, but I haven't been keeping touch with the wiki for a while, and I think it's safe to say that I may not be able to continue to contribute here for a while or long. Mainly because school is in the way and the graduate loss of motivation.

    Just to say, what am I missing? Is there anything I need to be kept in touch with?


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  • SundownMKII

    I was sitting on the homepage, and I was wondering: Just what exactly plays the music?

    To satisfty my curiosity, I broke out the Web Console. When I reloaded the page while checking the Web Console, I saw something pop up with a .ogg at the end. I know what .ogg files are, and those are music files. While I didn't find the exact block of HTML5/CSS that made it work, I did find the raw file. Interesting that it's uploaded as an image...

    Here's the link:

    (And yes, I misspelled the title. Darnit.)

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Team Info and a note from the leader of this Clan

    NFM Epic Warriors qas a newly made team that started in late June that was created by The Buster ZX . I wanted to make this team not for just clan wars,but for people who are not on a team. Many people have joined the the team and I am really happy about that. The team has been doing really good right, ow nobody has left that team yet,but the only person who left and betrayed my team was 1337_Gamer. The team got really popular over the

    summer. If you want to watch are team practice ask me im in room5 ghostrider that is also the room we practice. Please remember, a clan war is on usually held friday and …

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    The BrotherHood

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    The Brotherhood was an NFMM clan which became official to NFMM on 21st May 2012. It was a new clan that revolves around the recreational basics of NFM (e.g. NFMM was made purely for enjoyment). Also the clan had less rules than most regular clans such as NFM Elites, Most Wanted, etc. That said, the members play NFM just for fun and abide by fewer laws.

    It has now merged with The Phi.

    Team Atomic - This clan was The Brotherhood's biggest ally as 00012 (the leader) was a member of both clans.

    • 00012 (Leader) - [1]

    • Jono000 (Co-Leader)
    • KyrigSGH

    • Bartek

    • 5433914631
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    Custom Tracks

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    This is a page in which we share our codes for CUSTOM TRACKS. This does NOT mean you change a few pieces or colors in another person's track AND CLAIM IT AS YOUR OWN. If a track is posted by another person, credit MUST be given to the creator. If you want to share it, post below. If not, don't complain or brag.

    Failure to abide by the rules mentioned above will result in deletion of the track. Multiple spam will get the user banned.

    Note: Many of the stages do not have sufficient credit. Anyone who can verify them may directly add it to the page (but it will be checked for spamming). Also please put tracks that are not remixed of a track (Unless its good). Put *Custom* Tracks (Made by hand) thanks.

    Frost Bite is a track made by MoGaDeX on youtu…

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    Custom Cars

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Because of the constant deletion of cars and this page in general, this page is now SEMI-PROTECTED.

    Hello everyone! Take a look at the awesome cars people have made!

    If you post a car that is already made by someone else and you've "modified small changes", such as recoloring, please do not post it here!

    EXAMPLES: adding objects to game cars, adding spikes, or changing rims on someone else's car.

    HOWEVER: you CAN post your own cars and if you want to change your OWN car's look, you may post it up as an UPDATED VERSION of the car, not a NEW photo. Also, please EDIT your photo if you want to put up a new version of the car. YOU MAY NOT POST CODES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BECAUSE THE CODES ARE BROKEN. Thank you for your cooperation.

    ~If this page get…

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    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    LEGENDARY is one of Need For Madness Multiplayer clans. Legendary was originally formed by DivineSpirit (End of October) despite his fall from his previous clan called Team Infinity due to a misunderstanding. The clan was lead by DivineSpirit himself along with the help of his Co-Leader - Vitalogy (formerly known as Aventador_X) -  and his Officer - GXLouis. Between December 2012 and January 2013, the clan was officialy created in the Car Maker Forums under the Off-Topics section.

    Co-Leader released the first clan car - Legend ONE (Modified Aston Martin One-77) - which was the clan's main racer. DivineSpirit proposed a Dr Monstaa mod called Dr. Crushaa, which was later improved by Vitalogy by adding menacing features

    LEGENDARY was originally nam…

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    Most Wanted

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Most Wanted is one of the first Need For Madness Multiplayer clans. The name of Most Wanted was originally DooM, which started in March 2011. It was quickly renamed to NFM Black Ops later
    (which might have been given the idea from Call of Duty Black Ops), as suggested by SinfulBliss. Some time after, NFM Black Ops merged with a clan called AIM Super Soliders.
    NFM Black Ops was renamed to Most Wanted. Most wanted is currently the 2nd biggest clan.

    Its leader is WolfInABox aka Wolf@MW and the co-leader is Zee. Most Wanted has a YouTube
    channel called NFMMasters.

    Currently, Most Wanted is allied with NFM Elites.

    Most Wanted has merged with Deadman Wonderland to create a united clan.

    Most Wanted does not approve Multi-clanning although a member of MW ca…

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    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Team-Elite-Kings is a NFMM clan that has been offically started on 20.15.2012.

    Team-Elite-Kings was created by Wolf_King and Name.They wanted to create a successful clan,and,with their strive for battle,they sure did so far.At first,it really wasn't known to the community,but now,it has 8 members and growing quickly.They war,and do tournaments,just like any other clan on NFMM.But,however,they have something that is unique:Team Practices.It is a way to help them improve on their skills.Class rankers will be listed upon their performance for Wars and Practices.


    So far,Team-Elite-Kings has 8 members.



    villanoOfNFMM( Co-Leader.)





    Formula@ToG(SlintPun.) …

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    NFMM Elites

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    The NFM Elites is a clan made up of some of the best players. Since The Greatest Warriors have closed down,  

    NFM Elites is now allies with Most Wanted.

    NFM Elites is a clan, which was started by Phyrexian in January 2012. At first, there were not many recruits, but the clan started striving to be a large and a successful clan around March and April of 2012. Currently, the member count is 17 excluding Ally Members.

    On 18/09/2012, NFM Elites leader, Phyrexian has departed from Need For Madness, AIM Games and resigned as NFM Elites Leader with now Midnight and Silver Heart (Lucky XIII) being a Leader and Co-Leader of NFM Elites respectively. However, recently, Phyrexian has returned as leader of Elites.

    Midnight left NFM Elites on 1.3.2013, and so…

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    Team Chaos

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Team chaos is a newly made team for nfmm.

    They say they are strong and united because they have strong members.

    A clan war with team chaos and nfm epic warriors was going to happen but the leader of nfm epic warriors didn't know about it.

    This is a list of the Team Chaos members. Leave a reply if i forgot someone.

    RAD1/SplitParad0x (Leader)


    Miami54 (Vice Leader)

    Blade (Vice Leader)

    Aventador X (Moderator)


    Gutturalslam (Moderator)

    TwistedTempo (Member)

    fosterc (Member)

    Telamon (Member)

    PlanetPlus (Member)

    ProjectDUB (Member)

    SonicColors (Member)

    NFMFREAK (Member)

    SonnyJ (MIT)

    This is a list of the Team Chaos rules. Failure to comply will result in ban from Team Chaos.

    1.) No spamming

    2.) No impersonating

    3.) No stealing cars


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    Team Infinity

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Team Infinity is a Need For Madness Multiplayer clan. Is has been now officially disbanded as

    of 31st March 2012, with the succeeding clan known as Team Oranje Fénix.

    The team back then, had 37 members, which was the biggest clan in NFMM at the time. The clan's aim was to be a peaceful one, to not get involved in wars with other clans.

    Each box to the right indicates a strike. If s/he gets 3 strikes, s/he is kicked out.

    Kitty (leader) [][][]

    Mattman [][][]

    Pineapple [][][]

    Prayers [][][]

    TheLunatic9 [][][]

    MacOSX [][][]

    plat99 [][][]

    Loser(White) [][][]

    flynn [][][]

    stig [][][]

    BOWSER [][][]

    bewket [][][]

    speedmaster [][][]

    DarkFlameX [][][]

    sonic ( in active member. )

    theBlue@TI [][][]

    srilanka [][][]

    f687 [x][x][x] ( kicked! )

    banangreat [][][]

    pplloo [][][]


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    Team Oranje Fenix

    July 2, 2013 by ELKING

    Team Oranje Fénix is a new Need For Madness Multiplayer clan which was created after
    Team Infinity was disbanded. This clan stands for re-birth of a new clan. It has been well underway
    since the group was created on March 30th, 2012.

    The name of this team is a mix of Portuguese and Dutch words, based off the leaders home countries. Oranje in Dutch stands for 'Orange', while Fénix stands for 'Phoenix' in Portuguese. This clan's motto is "Freedom, Honor, and Respect."

    TOF is currently allied with Team Aero and Team Formula 7.

    This clan formally used a Medieval Ranking System, now changed to a democracy to make the system simpler:

    Administrators - They are basically the leaders of the clan and give guidance to its members in the direction it needs to …

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  • SRPC


    June 5, 2013 by SRPC

    Hi I guess. Nothing to see here really... kthxbai.

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  • Emperor Tiberius I


    May 16, 2013 by Emperor Tiberius I


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  • The-buster-ZX

    For the past few months,I've been working on a brand new NFM version called Need For Madness 3. It is set to open in the summer time and will have tons of brand new to look forward to. I've been lately getting some help from my friends (mostly Behemoth) and i'm very suprised the amount of people who are willing to help me out (minus the members on aim games). If you have any suggestions,please tell me in the comment box.

    This is the first level,it's kinda like right after NFM 2's mad party race. The original name was hall of checkpoints now it is named Championship. The track is still in beta testing.

    If you already have NFM multiplayer or single player,you'll have to follow these steps.

    1. Click the download link for the game (coming soon)
    2. Allow t…

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  • ToaZahrok

    I'm Leaving

    March 14, 2013 by ToaZahrok

    I am leaving this wiki. Why? It is constantly spammed. No one works on it anymore. This is just not worth my time. Mike458 has been banned for one month for spamming the Need For Madness Epic Warriors Team page. So, goodbye. ToaZahrok (talk) 22:02, March 14, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Monstra

    WELL COME ON...........every one knows that the cars will get more power by doing stunts.big stunt=more power,bigger stunt=even more power and the biggerst stunt earns max power.the stunts are performed by the combination of space key and arrow keys.there are many unique stunts that you can do.there are even nameless stuns which says "what the......?".there are rollspins,forward and backward loops,surfstyle,tabletops and many more stunts=more power=more speed/ find some newer ways to get crazy on need for madness.

    oh..and one more thing,you have to land on yout wheels to earn power.otherwise you'll crash land.if you crash landed in a level with MASHEEN in it,say bye bye to other racers....!!!!

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  • The Hunter 77

    Showcase Competion

    January 22, 2013 by The Hunter 77

    Hello everyone 

    As you know I'm hosting a Creative Car Challenge 

    The BeSt Car on the Track 

    I'm looking for skilled car creator's to create the following

    1. Bugatti Veyron

    2. Dodge Charger 

    3. Hummer H2

    4. Ford F-150

    I will post the submission date when i decide on one  

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Please note:This is not my idea,ao1 is on the advertising team on the Custom wiki forum and as of 2013 we will help out with other peoples creations if they are on the advertising team.

    The A01 Monster Truck Tournament Challenge!!

    First round starts at Saturday, January 19 at 05:00PM, Avenger 5/4. The first round ends at 10:00PM GMT + 8 (Malaysian time)

    This tournament will end at Sunday 1000PM

    Please fill up the entry form first.

    1. How long have you been playing NFMM?

    2. What is your special skill?

    3. Do you have your own truck?

    4. What is your NFMM nickname?

    5. How old are you?

    6. How often Will you be able to attend this tournament?

    If someone doesn't have an account, please use a DR Monstaa. If someone doesn't have a monster truck, you can use m…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Recently,I joined this forum made by D3@7|-| \/\/@RR10R5. It's based on ShellShock live,NFM and Bad Eggs,originaly I got kicked from the site because I only posted a topic about my original clan NFM Epic Warriors. So I rejoined it because I knew my mistake and I wanted to fix that. I saw D3 was on the site in the chat and I wanted to talk to him for a minute. At first it seemed like D3 didn't want to talk to me.

    Oh,what is it buster? -_- This was the time when I was trying to get members on the custom need for madness wiki forum because I didn't really have that much members on it.

    I said Can you help me out with something?

    He said Help with what?

    So I told him about the Custom Need For Madness wiki and asked him if he could join it. I was amazed…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    I know there has been some problems going on the custom wiki and i am here to tell you what's going on. I took away Toa's admin status because i'm on making the better and geting more members. I knew if toa saw the history in the security,he wouldn't be a suprise. Mike,I got rid of your profile because you were asking if i told this or that. I just had to put you a side for a little while.I was never going to destroy the wiki because i made a promise to my self that is when i make friends,I never EVER betray them. I know I should of told you guys,but you guys were so busy planing on destroy the forum. I'm that i caused so much problems on here.

    Mike,Ownage and acvoong,toa wants a chat box meeting in the custom wiki. I have a plan to get mor…

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  • ToaZahrok

    My Blog

    December 14, 2012 by ToaZahrok

    I have made a blog for my NFM stuff. Come check it out! :D

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  • The-buster-ZX

    A brand new video zone has been added.

    Check it out

    Hi! Welcome to the Custom Need For Madness Wiki! Here, you can make a page for your custom NFM cars, tracks and games!

    The Need For Madness Custom Wiki was created by ToaZahrok and is base on custom cars, custom stages and custom Need For Madness versions. You can post your cars and stages on this wiki. Please do not spam this wiki or you will be banned.

    Also, don't forget to check out the main NFM wiki here!

    To do more things, please sign up.

    Please do not make spam pages. post your custom NFM version as a article.

    You can also search a page.  

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  • ToaZahrok

    This Wiki

    December 1, 2012 by ToaZahrok

    Ok, this wiki needs some work. The Stunt pages are not very good at all. Some Stages pages need images. So I will help this wiki! I will improve stunt pages. I will add images where they are needed. And I will grow this wiki's community. Someday, this wiki will rise over even some of the best wiki's out there! And we must be up to the task! All users and contributers, comment on this blog post! Pledge yourselves to benefiting this wiki!!! ToaZahrok (talk) 01:14, December 1, 2012 (UTC)

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Spam and ip

    November 16, 2012 by The-buster-ZX

    Ever since i become a admin,i been seeing so many spams on this wiki. I got rid of the cussing spam,giberish spam and rude spam. I guess people don't understand that the admins can see the ips. i just wanted to say what i was really working on for the last 3 days.

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  • Mike458

    Now, all admins have heard of someone named thebuster-zx. He has made over 500 edits (unknown if all of them are good or not), some quality edits, and neutral speaking, just like the wiki would edit pages. On the flipside, he does have a somewhat poor reputation (No offense TBZX), poor grammar that has been slowly improving, and he does have good knowledge of Wiki Markup.

    Admins, please comment below if you want TBZX to be a permanant admin based on his actions the past three days, and overall editing and interactions, as well as what was stated above. Obviously, majority rules, and I will extend the deadline as necessary.

    The deadline has CLOSED. No more voting is allowed.

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  • OwnageElite

    Another try?!

    November 13, 2012 by OwnageElite

    I guess I'm going to have another try with this wiki, as I just earned the admin status (I'm still wondering: Did I really deserve it? o_O)

    The attempt at making the wiki a better place before ended bad, as seen on my rage and rant from the previous blog post...But I'm going to have another try, as I stated above. First of all, no, I'm still not going to be a regular visitor, but I'll try and be a good editor. AIM is where I'll be the most and it will stay like that. :) Hopefully you guys will not kill me for coming back here ;D



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  • ToaZahrok

    Hello! I would like you to join the Custom NFM Wiki forums! Please register and tell your friends about it! On it, you can talk about NFM and the Wiki! I hope you enjoy it! They are the forums for the Custom Need For Madness Wiki.

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  • R.Kurien

    Yello guys!

    Been a long time since I visited this. Ya' see, I was busy doing my studies because if I didn't get good marks then I would not be able to play this madness. It is a festive time here so I got a few days with me which I am gonna consume for this wikia. And thanks Bookbay for changing my name plate to green! (although I prefers Dark Blue). I have been playing miscrits lately a lot, it is one of my new fav. games. I also noticed that many of my friends don't come on NFMM now-a-days on 8-8:30 pm (GMT+5)! Related to NFM, I have been currently making a new NFM game which will not be out for download as I know that you guys would find it lame due to is backgrounds,accessories,etc.... And I have also been up to making a new Corvette St…

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  • ToaZahrok

    The Phi

    October 26, 2012 by ToaZahrok

    Yay! I have joined the Phi! To celebrate, I put a car I made for the Phi on the Phi's private forums. I hope you like it! :)Anyway, I hope I can benefit the clan! ToaZahrok (talk)

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  • ToaZahrok

    The Custom Need For Madness Wiki is a wiki that I created two days ago. On it, you can make pages for your cars, tracks and games! And I want you to help me grow the wiki so we can build a strong community! If you ask me on my talk page on the wiki, I might make you an admin or mod. Click the link below:

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  • Jeschillin

    Live streaming

    October 8, 2012 by Jeschillin

    So, has anyone thought about setting up a livestream for the clan wars/NFMM olympics? It would be a great way for people to get to know NFMM...

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  • The-buster-ZX

    type out

    October 8, 2012 by The-buster-ZX

    in july there was a type out in nfm i guess there was a glitch with the track maker and it made it seem like it open but when i re downloaded the game it wasn't open so i knew it was a type out.

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  • The-buster-ZX

    flamers are kinda like trolls they try to tick people off so they can have fun messing with you.there is a way to stop them from messing with you. they mostly come one nfm only to pick on people and make them seem small but not for long. here is the diagram of what not to do and what to do.


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  • The-buster-ZX

    first of all i wanted to make this because i didn't know team chaos wanted to duel my team so i wanted to make this page so people now how to have a clan war.

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  • The-buster-ZX

    nfm special edition the a deluxe version of the original version of nfm 3. it has more tracks,new songs, and even the original tracks have new paths. the version is still in beta testing and the open date is this november. this will also be apart of the nfm olympics clan war.

    october 7

    this novermber

    this december

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  • The-buster-ZX

    Updates on the latest developments in Need for Madness!

    Being developed right now: We are currently working on updating the Top 20 List for custom cars to display more recent and newer cars as well as the older cars. We are also working on a similar Top 20 List for the custom stages as well.

    Latest Updates! Like the [1] to interact with us and be in touch with all the updates! Or join the mailing list here to get notified of any major updates to occur in the game!

    15/September/2012: Stage Publishing! The maddest game in the world has just been taken to whole new level of madness! You can now publish your created stagesto your account and into the multiplayer game through the Stage Maker. You can also add other created stages by other players to yo…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    clan war update

    September 29, 2012 by The-buster-ZX

    clan wars are on fridays only 5 people per a clan can join.

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  • The-buster-ZX

    been on nfm for 5 years

    September 29, 2012 by The-buster-ZX

    well it all started when i was on i was playing games on there then i found this game on there it was call need for madness.the title seem cool so i try it took a long time to get pass the tracks since i was new to the game but after a while i started to figure out how to play of the things i really like about is how you can destroy cars when your racing.when i finish the first game i was so happy.later i found the link to the site the site was call so when i went in the site i saw that there was going to be a nfm 2. i was thinking in my mind YES!!!! so when i saw that i was waiting for a long time to see when the game will open.a couple of months later it open i was really happy about that untill…

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  • The-buster-ZX

    nfm olympics clan war

    September 25, 2012 by The-buster-ZX

    nfm olympics clan war is kinda like the nfm olympics but this is a team event where clans are in a big battle to see which team will come out on top. the event starts in november 12th

    when the event starts i will keep track on the medal count.

    nfm epic warriors 0 0 0

    phil 0 0 0

    nfm elites 0 0 0

    Team Fanta 0 0 0

    Unleashed 0 0 0

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