Camping is a strategy widely known as "last effort" attack.



A demonstration of "No Last Hope", AKA Camping.

The main point of Camping usually lies in Wasting, as the player must wait at a certain part of the track and wait for a car to come by, then intercept it. Following the car does not count as Camping.

Hoop BlockingEdit

This is a smaller extent to Camping. It involves the player (or any car) waiting at the Electrified Hoop, wasting cars that come to fix. This can be done with almost any car, given that the enemy now is at a few inches from death. Even Nimi can do this (although you probably end up wasted yourself). If you plan staying at the hoop long, get power via the ramp the leads to to the Hoop.

The only AI cars that do this is EL KING and M A S H E E N (only if the Hoop is on the track).

This is effective for fighting M A S H E E N on Stage 12, unless you are fast enough and waste him before he runs into the hoop.

Checkpoint WreckEdit

This is also a form of camping. M A S H E E N does this in Stage 12 and Stage 16 .