Car Abbreviations are short word forms on how to call car names. In Need For Madness Multiplayer, people chat while racing, wasting, and waiting, and want to type fast to send their messages about what type of game is it or cars, or even rules.

The Car AbbrevaitionsEdit

  • Wow Caninaro
    • WC
    • WowC
    • "Wow" (Suprisingly, Caninaro is seldom used.)
  • Nimi
    • "Mini"
    • Litterally none as his name is rather short.
  • Lead Oxide
    • LO
    • Lead
    • For some reason, O2 can also be found when referring to Lead Oxide.
    • Leadster
  • High Rider
    • HR
    • Rider (Surprisingly, High is not used for obvious reasons)
    • EK
    • ELK or "elk"
    • KING, King, or "king"

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