Car Classification is a feature used to classify cars. Unfortunately, this feature only applies to Need For Madness Multiplayer.


In an attempt to make Multiplayer games more even, Omar Waly decided to classify cars into three classes, depending on their speed, wasting abillity, health, power speed, etc. It has proved to be quite useful, especially for lower-ranked car games. 

The class ranking states Class A as the best, Class B as medium, and Class C as the worst.

Please note that this car classification does not render some cars obsolete. It just is a generic way of classifying cars so that every class has a different feel. It does not render one class superior to the others.

Car ClassesEdit

Here is a list of Cars and their classes. To see another version of the Car Classification, see Tier List.

Class A Edit

These cars are excellent in one way or another.

Class BEdit

These are average in both Racing and Wasting. Very good all rounders.

​Class CEdit

These are below average in one (or both) ways.

Δ: High Rider appears as both a Class A and B and is referred as "Class A & B". 

Φ: MAX Revenge appears as both a Class B and C and is referred as "Class B & C".

High Rider can race in both Class A and Class B races, while MAX Revenge can race in both Class B and Class C races.