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Qleft Finally after a lot of hard work the Car Maker is finished and has been released! The Car Maker is included in both the multiplayer and the single player downloadable version of the game.
- Omar Waly, explaining the release of the Editor

The Car Editor, or Car Creator is a new feature in Need For Madness Multiplayer that allows the player to create their car's for Multiplayer use, for their 'NFM Version' or for pure entertainment.


It is highly recommended that the tutorials for the Car Maker are carefully read before use, especially for those who are not familiar with Hacking Cars. Though the process is quite long and tiring, the car created is worth the time used.

Car maker

An edit of Nimi done in the Car Editor.

Instead of putting down flat polygons to create the car, the script for each part of the car must be placed seperately'. Therefore, a method of recording and measuring data, most conveniently on paper or a notepad, virtual or not, is recommended for drafting the car. According to the tutorial from the website, it is stated that the most recommended type of data recording is via drawing the car on a piece of paper. It is also extremely advised to think of the car's parts in three dimensions, as drawing the front, side, and back views are needed. There is a polygon limit of 210 pieces per car, with all polygons used result in a Super Car.

Once the car is finished, it can be sorted into different categories, such as a speed demon (like Formula 7 or Mighty Eight), or a waster (like EL KING or MASHEEN). The car's colour, shape and name can also be chosen in this process. The player is also able to specify which class the car would fall to (such as Class B&C). The car stats are kept fair so that one will not be able to include ALL of the stats up to maximum (For explanation: maximum Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling, Stunts, Strength and Endurance are not allowed altogether) and they are also affected based on the class the car has been specified into.


The car editor sneak posted on the Facebook page of Need For Madness (By Omar Waly)

The editor is available for the new downloadable edition of Need for Madness (offline), and also for the existing downloadable Muiltplayer version for people with accounts. Unregistered users can also create cars as well, but are limited to using them offline, and cannot be used during Multiplayer. This has also caused a small outrage within the Multiplayer community, especially those who cannot register.

An extremely interesting feature of the Editor is that it uses the same codes as in the original games. It is possible to copy-paste a car's code from Need For Madness and insert it into the game. The car may then be altered, usually in stats or colors.

The Stat PointsEdit

The stat points for each car type are as follows:

Class C: 520 points
Class B + C: 560 points
Class B: 600 points
Class A + B: 640 points
Class A: 680 points

The use of points effectively restricts overpowered cars, or high in all stats, and OP cars entering a starter car game, in other cases, online. Though balancing the car's stats are not simple. The safest way to balance a car is to select High Rider's stats and make them Class A. Some other cars for creating Class A cars are:

Race Car Stats (Stats for racers)Edit

  • Formula 7
  • MAX Revenge
  • Drifter X
  • Radical One
  • High Rider
  • Mighty Eight

Waster StatsEdit

  • Lead Oxide
  • Wow Caninaro
  • Sword of Justice
  • M A S H E E N
  • DR Monstaa

All-Round StatsEdit

  • Lead Oxide
  • High Rider
  • Kool Kat
  • Tornado Shark
  • Sword of Justice
  • Radical One


The editor allows you to control the overall physics of the car, further customizing it. Stats generally hidden from you are now available. These stats include grip, bounciness, turning, hand brakes, aerial control, visual damage, pushing, lifting, even engine sounds, and possibly more. NOTE THE FACT THAT PHYSICS WILL AFFECT YOUR STATS. Examples include lower arial control/speed increasing power save, higher grip and turning increasing acceleration, lower visual damage increasing total potential damage, etc.

Tips and TricksEdit

  • It is well known that if you add gr(-18) to a piece, it will flash.
  • Gr(-10) will also have the same effects like gr(-18) except it will only glow, not flash lights over and over
  • Adding gr(-15) results in a 'broken' or 'damaged' piece.
  • Adding gr(1111111111) will cause a piece to become transparent. Add gr(-13) and it will become completely invisible to both the opponents and the player. The only thing that will be seen from the car is its shadow
  • By adding fs(-1), A glitch-coloured car piece (such as the roof of Radical Ones's NFM1 counterpart) changes to the intended colour.
  • Adding Gr(-30) can fix an overlapping problem by bringing out the piece more if it is accidentally overlapped by a piece that should actually be behind it.
  • Gr(30) does the complete opposite of Gr(-30) by putting it behind other pieces
  • Gr(-18) also works on tires too.


The Car Editor was finally released on the 5th March 2012. It was officially announced on the Need For Madness Facebook Group at around 11:00 that night. Immediately after it's post, many members have liked, commented, and shared feedback in mass amounts.

The Publish option for the Car Maker was released on 11th April 2012. Since then, people have been starting to publish their own custom cars.


Though Omar Waly has released it, there are still some critisms, due to one of his notes that says that The Custom Cars will only be playable online in Need For Madness Multiplayer for registered players.

Another issue with this is the coding limit before overcoding the stage is decreased serverly for test drives, and car statues will now cause errors to the stage.

Prior to the Publish option being released, unregistered users have been starting to ask for the passwords of registered users. Also, registered users have been publishing cars with overly sized wheels and wheels too close together to the centre, sometimes making them perhaps impossible to waste or hit them. With the 19/04/2012 update, this will restrict users from publishing cars with overly sized wheels and some errors. The Forum has been released quite recently. Many AIM fourmers and NFM Wiki members have been going on and to share their cars and experiences. Now, you can export cars as obj files to play around with in Sketchup.


Link to offline downloadable version.

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