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A soundtrack which is used in Need For Madness Multiplayer has a bit of a spooky feeling. However, it still conveys a sizeable amount of energy which possibly makes it invigorating to the player. The song is called "Rocka Och Runka". It has a bit like "take on the world" feel to it. After car selection, it continues to play when you're selecting a stage, unlike the first and second Need For Madness.

In October 13th, 2012, "Rocka Och Runka" has been replaced with a new song called "Arcane". It is relatively energetic and makes the player want to get racing ASAP(it stands for, "as soon as possible"). However, this song still continues to play after car selection.


Need for Madness Multiplayer (Website) - Music Select your Car, Select Stage15:02

Need for Madness Multiplayer (Website) - Music Select your Car, Select Stage

Rocka och Runka

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