Car types is a rough classification of the playable vehicles in Need For Madness and Need For Madness 2 by the Need For Madness Wiki community. The cars are sorted via various car characteristics and stats.


Racers are cars that are designed to have fast speed, lack strength, and have the ability to send cars flying in rare occasions.
Racecar copy


Wasters come in ranks. The higher the rank, the slower but stronger the car will be (with the exception of Dr Monstaa and Radical One).

Rank 1 cars (HIGHEST)Dr MonstaaM A S H E E NEL KING

Rank 2: Sword of Justice

Rank 3Radical One

Rank 4 (LOWEST)Lead OxideHigh Rider


Some of the cars in the game (such as Nimi for example) can be used as a nuke in Multiplayer. That said, they are listed in this category until further discussion is posted.

Stunt Cars

Stunt cars (also referred to as "Daredevils" due to their nature) are vehicles that can do many stunts in a single ramp. They generally tend to have less stamina than other car types.

All-Purpose Cars

All-Purpose Cars (also known as All-arounds) are cars that excel in more than one special trait, in this case Racing and Wasting. They do not necessarily required to have outstanding stats in more
than one field.

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