Centrifugal Rush, Under Water?
Underwater rush

Appears in

Need For Madness 2

Boss Car

High Rider

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Main feature



Warez by Night

Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior


Preceded by

Twisted Revenge

Followed by

The Stretch

Centrifugal Rush, Under Water? is Stage 5 in Need for Madness 2. It is possible that, due to the appearance, music, and name, that this track is underwater. You meet High Rider for the first time here.


This is a 5-lap stage with crossing paths making wasting easy. In fact, many think this is actually a stage to relent off the use of Sword of Justice when it falls into the player's hands. There are not that many ramps, nor there are much in variety either. Note that the Electrified Hoop is actually in a corner not far from the starting point, if the player stays there and wastes any cars that come to fix/pass by the cars will try to hit you too.


Racing Edit

This stage has many sharp turns, so do not use cars like Drifter X because they have poor handling. If you want to race, use Formula 7 or something similar because it has decent handling and great speed (if you keep his power up). Just watch out for any aggressive cars. Another good choice is Sword of Justice, as he is durable and can take several blows from any aggressive cars. The AI of other cars in this race are somewhat aggressive.


Need For Madness 2 Walkthrough Stage 5

Need For Madness 2 Walkthrough Stage 5

For wasting, however, use the newly acquired Sword of Justice to waste everyone easily. Remember all cars are weaker from the sides. Hence the fact that the stage is a spiral, chasing enemies down is quite easy. Make sure to watch out for cars like High Rider, as they are aggressive. Lead Oxide is also a good alternative for wasting.


  • Some say this stage is a "mini" 4 Dimensional Vertigo because it is an inward spiral, like the latter, and you have to go back to the outside to complete the lap, also like the latter.
  • This is a proving ground to test Radical One's handling on sand and pavement, because of the track's many tight turns. Another alternative is Digger's Revenge, because of its 3 hairpin corners.
  • This is one of two tracks that have the same type of turn, 90-degree turns, aside from The Introductory Stage.
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