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The "Challenge Box Template" and seperate pages

Up to now, this page is getting crowded. We are now moving all the Challenges into Subpages- pages that bear under the same page. To make a Subpage with your challenge in it, simple add a page with the name Category/Challenge name.

For differernt types of Challenges, use

We are now recommending users to post challenges along with the ChallengeBox template. An example can be found here:

|image = [[image:GALAXYLOW.jpg|95px]]
|name = The Flying Monstaa
|description = Do a [[Triple]] [[Forward Loop|Loop]] with [[DR Monstaa]].}}

gives the visual:
GALAXYLOW The Flying Monstaa
Do a Triple Loop with DR Monstaa.
Additionally, it is advised that you put in Tips, Difficulty Rating, and Author. Thus, the final version of a challenge would be

GALAXYLOW The Flying Monstaa
Do a Triple Loop with DR Monstaa.

Tips: Use Giant Ramps for best results.

Difficulty rating: 2/10

Author: Example


Okay, so for those who are posting a challenge put it in this format :

  • Name:
  • Description:
  • Difficulty rating:
  • Author:

On an afterward, please put your challenge into the correct category.

The Challenges

So here are the challenges:

Racing Stages

Over Burning! === Description: Beat Ultimato in multiplayer. You need to use a Class C car, and he needs to use a Class A car.

Name: Benas-545

Difficulty rating: 3/10 to 99/10 (depends, if you are going to waste or race)

Notes: It is not necessary to take a game car; it can be a custom too.

To0O0o easy? Want a extra challenge?: Ultimato will use a OP car and you will take F7, wasting.

Extra difficulty rating: 2001/10 (If OP cars were invicible still and in this days, then: ∞/10)

  • Name: Beat Zico?
  • Difficulty rating: 9/10

Name: Hold on to your Nimi!

Description: Complete stage 15 "Dances with the monsters" with Nimi. From first hand experience, I can tell you sliding straight under Dr Monstaa is quite the ride.

Difficulty rating: 4.5/10 - 8/10, depending on how well you use Nimi.

Author: ZeeDude

====Name: Must have Faith

Description: Use a Class C car and win 4 Dimensional Vertigo in 1st place it doesn't matter if you have a damage

Difficulty: 98/10 (it depends how can you evade the Big 3 and skill)

Author: Thesamme913

Name: The Suicidal Deathly Sacrifice

Description: Waste every single car in the game at least THRICE with Formula 7! Its much harder than it sounds, so dont think its a piece of cake! (you can get wasted, as long as they are wasted too!)

Requires: A LOT of thinking, accuracy and skill!

'Difficulty': 100/100

Author: ZeeDude

Name : El racer king

Description Unlock El king first then go back to stage 1 and complete until stage 17

Difficulty Rating 59/10 (it depends how you use EL KING )


Name : Death Race

Description: Race 9 laps of stage 7. Lets check what you can do.

Difficulty Rating: 8 If slow waster (You can defend yourself, but watch out to dont waste everyone) 6 if fast car (You are quite defenseless, but at least you can do it faster and less risk of everyone getting wasted).

Author: Sir galaxy

Name: Evading 'n racing

Description: Use Mighty Eight and race EL KING's second level, maximum overfly. Evade his blows while passing radical one.

Diffculty Rating: 7/10

Author: Rockystar35

Name: Lose The Heat 

Descripton: Win Stage 4 of NFM 2 by racing with Radical One or Mighty Eight without getting hit by Sword Of Justice.

Difficulty Rating: 6/10 

Author: Harejulez

Name: The Ultimate Evader

Description: Race my track, The Two Hour Time Limit, with Radical One against M A S H E E N and win. This takes over 10 attempts and it takes a LOT of endurance!

Diffculty Rating: 7/10-9/10, depends how you use Radical One.

Author: Mike458

Name: Underwater Striker

Description: Waste all cars on stage 5 (NFM 2) with Tornado Shark. Then after you have done that, race and win without fixing.

Difficulty Rating: 100/101

Author: Mike458

Name: Got Away!

Description: RACE my Custom Track, Arrested by The Man V2, and win with the following cars:

High Rider, Wow Caninaro, Tornado Shark, Drifter X, and Kool Kat. Pulling this off with Drifter X is REALLY hard!

Difficulty Rating: 105/100

Author: Mike458

Name: Driftin' Time!

Description: Drift Slam and waste 3 cars in the same drift with Drifter X or any custom drift car.

Difficulty Rating: I'd say 9/10

Author: Mike458

Name: Overdose

Description: Go though all the fix hoops in under 1 minute while taking NO damage for all stages! Watch out for Dr Monstaa, MASHEEN, and EL KING!

Difficulty Rating: 13/10

Author: Mike458

Name: In One Piece

Description: Race and finish ALL NFM1 and NFM2 stages while taking NO damage, and not taking ANY shortcuts.

"Difficulty Rating": 10000000000000000/10\

Author: Mike458

Name: Think about it.

Description: Race stage 16, but you must waste all the cars as soon as you are at the last checkpoint.

'Difficulty Rating: '124895389179473198247231741203784912743981568473196789/10

Author: Mike458

Name: De Impossible

Description: win Stage 16 or Stage 10 in NFM 1 or 2 with Max Revenge.

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Annon

Name: The Rough Party

Description: Win the stage Mad Party with Nimi or Formula 7!

Difficulty: 5.5/10

Author: NoobCaser

Name: KING of Racing

Description: Win stage 6 - The Stretch (on NFM 2) with EL KING by racing.

Difficulty: 8/10

Author: Е

Name: Magical KING

Description: Win stage 10 - Ghosts and Magic (on NFM 2) with EL KING by racing.

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Е

Name: Rolling with the small Boys

Description: Use Nimi, F7, or Tornado Shark on Stage 11 Rolling With the Big Boys or Stage 2 Let The Dream Begin

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Annon


Description: Use either Drifter X or MAX Revenge on stage 16 in NFM2.

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Drifter X

Name: Y U No Give Me a Possible Challenge?

Description: Win The Gun Run with M A S H E E N... by racing!!!

Difficulty Rating: 9/10

Author: ToaZahrok

'Name': Impossible Membrane Destuction Activator From Demons of Hell with Destruction of Your Mind

Description: Win the Gun Run with M A S H E E N, WITH giving the AI a 10 second start.

Difficulty: 24/10

Author: DemonRacer

Name: The Nimi Party

Descption: Race with Nim, F7, or Tornado Shark and win ar the mad party

Difficulty: Skill is the most important. 7/10

Author: Annon

Name: You are too slow!

Description: Do stage 16 in NFM2 with a heavy car (From Wow caninaro to MASHEEN, choose one... As long as it is not DR. Monstaa.)

Difficulty rating: 8/10-10/10

Author: Sir Galaxy

Name: Stretch The Nimi

Description: Race stage 6 with Nimi.

Difficulty: 5/10, just depends on what happens

Author: NFMWaster

Name: Slow Stretch

Description: Win with MASHEEN by racing at Stage 6

Difficulty: 10/10, requires serious skill (or luck).

Author: RoadBeast

Name: Usain Bolt Gamer

Description: Race(and win) The Stretch under Usain Bolt's 2008 Olympics World Record (9.683 seconds)

Difficulty Rating: 7-10/10 (Custom cars are allowed to be used for this challenge)

Author: SRPC


Description: Win at stage 13 (Digger's Revenge) with M A S H E E N by racing.

Difficulty Rating: 9/10 (considering that R1 will be there)

Author: porky1233

Name: Perfectist

Description: Complete All Stages In NFM2 Without Getting Wasted

Diffculty Rating: 10/10

Author: Backdraft_3.5


Name: Reclaiming the Throne

Description: Unlock Dr Monstaa and waste him with El King (El King isn't the only one slightly weaker from the side ;) )

Difficulty rating: 7/10, not counting you need to unlock Dr Monstaa

Author: Mezzelo

Name: Suddenly the Small becomes Santa's Little Helper

Description: Waste MASHEEN using nimi.

Difficulty: 9.5-10

Author: Need for Madness -Xtreme

Name: Wasting with Nimi

Description: Waste all the cars on stage 1 with nimi.

Diffculty rating: 9/10

Author: Rockystar35

Name: D.R.I.V.E means Destruction,reckless,impairment,velocity and escape

Description: use M A S H E E N and waste everything that is IN YOUR WAY

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: TheSamme913

Name: Battle the titans

Description: Stand your ground with DR monstaa and fight MASHEEN and EL KING at the same time. ON LEVEL 15!

Diffficulty: 8/10

Author: Rockystar35

Name:The Mighty waster

Description:Use Mighty Eight and waste the Big 3 El king,M A S H E E N and Dr.monstaa

Difficulty32/10 You need skills


Name: Holy Moly

Description: Waste EL KING with Wow Caninaro. Use any level.

Difficluty: 9/10 It's possible, try the Snake Dance

Author: Annon

Name: The BuLlyDoZeR!

Description: Win Stage 1- The Introductory Stage, by racing, with MASHEEN!- its harder than you think, since there HAS to be at least Radical One , EL KING, Mighty Eight or DR MONSTAA!!!!

Difficulty: 99/100

Author: ZeeDude

Name: Epic Waste!

Description: Use either a Mighty Eight or a Sword of Justice to waste a M A S H E E N! It is possible. Also, You CANNOT be wasted when you destoy him. You can use any stage in NFM2 to go against him.

Difficulty: 7/10

Author: Drifter X

Name:radical vs the lords of battle

Description: go to a battle stage,and defeat MASHEEN,el King,and dr monstaa with radical one

Difficulty: id say 9/10

Author: Galaophe

Name: Mini Beast

Description: Waste DR Monstaa, EL King, or MASHEEN using Nimi.

Difficulty:8/10-9/10 (Depends on who you waste.)

Author: RoadBeast

Wasting AND Racing

Name:All in One

Description:Waste all cars in one hit(you can use any car)



Name: Um Mega Monstaa or sth

Description: Waste everyone on Gun Run with Monstaa - I did it, it took a LOT of tries

Difficulty: 10/10

Author: Voku

Name: Nimi vs F7

Description: Use Nimi vs F7. Very fun. Who will win? You can waste or race. Use Twisted Revenge or Let the Dream Begin for NFM 2. For NFM 1, Use The Snake Dance or He's coming for you next

Diffficulty: 7/10

Author: Annon

Name: Nimi's Adventure

Description: Use Nimi throughout the whole game (NFM1 and NFM2)

Difficulty: 9/10 (it depends on how you use nimi)

Author: ThornShark

Name: The Garden of the Kool Kat

Description: Use Kool Kat and win stage 7 and there has to be an El King there.(not that he wont be though)

Difficulty: 1/10

Author: Drifter X

Name: MASHEEN Strikes Again

Description: Use MASHEEN and win Stage 4 and Stage 9(Racing on Stage 9)

Dificulty: 9/10

Author: Annon

Name:need for ultra madness

description:redo nfm 2 after winning it agan,with 1 exception:it is like restarting but you go against higher class guys!

difficulty:err.......depends maybe 9/10



Name: OVARFLY!!!!!

Description: Do a "What the" with EL KING on "Maximum Overfly" or "Paninaro Caninaro lets Fly".

Difficluty: 8/10 (Im always doing only triple backs, while you need over massive)

Author: Sir Galaxy

Name: God of stunts

Description: Make 3 What-The? on the stage "Maximum Overfly"

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Ipos Manger

Name: What Is Your Name Again?

Description: Do a "Who Are You Again?" with any car on a very small ramp in any stage.

Difficulty Rating: Depends who you use.

Author: porky1233

Name: Cool Stunts V9

Description: Go on the high ramp and do a "What the...?", "Who are you again?!" or "You're a super star!" with r1 .

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Anymous Star

Name: De Impossible

Description: win Stage 16 or Stage 10 in NFM 1 or 2 with Max Revenge.

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Annon

Name: Flying with the Big Boys

Description: Use M A S H E E N or EL KING and get a massive or what the stunt.

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Annon

Name: What the Digger?

Description: Do a "What the...?" on the stage: Diggers Revenge or The mad Party. Use any car exept High Rider and Monstaa

Difficulty: 9/10

Author: Annon

Name: The Insane Front Loop

Description: Do a front loop withought help with M A S H E E N.

Difficulty: 8/10

Author: Е

Name: What the M A S H E E N?

Description: Do a double front loop withouht help with M A S H E E N.

Difficulty: 50/50

Author: Е

Name: MASHEEN Strikes Again (sCoRe!)

Description: Use MASHEEN and win Stage 4 and Stage 9(Racing on Stage 9)

Dificulty: 7.5/10

Author: Annon

Name: Somebody Stop Me!

Description: Beat every single NFMM player that is active, and both race/waste them by any means.

Difficulty: 10/10

Author: Mike458

Name: FLYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Description: Win a race by ONLY Bouncing and/or Aerial Boosting.

Difficulty: 10/10 (Really depends on how well you can Aerial Boost or Bounce)

Author: SRPC


Name: Heart Surgery

Description: Change a stage's music files.

Difficulty: Depends on your brain size. For a average humanoid... 7/10.

Author: Sir Galaxy


Description: Hack Need for Madness or NFM2

Difficulty: 6/10 if you have the program. 9/10 if you don't

Author: Drifter X


Description:Make 3 Your a super star!!stunts with Nimi.

Difficulty:5/10 if you can use Nimi well.10/10 if you know how to roll..


Name: The Perfect Race

Description: Race ALL stages in NFM2. WITHOUT taking shortcuts! Just follow the Track!

Difficulty: 10/10 if you are addicted to shortcuts. 2/10 if you play circuit racing.

Author: R1M8/Phownage

Name: Showroom Ready

Description: Make and publish your first car.

Difficulty Rating: I'd say 5 to 8/10.

Author: Mike458

Name: Portal Jumper

Description Rating: Jump in every single fixing hoop in NFM 1 and NFM 2

Difficulty: 4-10 Depending on the height of the hoop and the speed of the car you use.

Author: The Buster ZX

Name: The last Stunt

Description Rating: Do a You're a superstar!!! with EL KING or M A S H E E N In a Small Ramp!

Difficulty: 15-10 it´s an expert stunt and it´s so dificult to do in a small ramp, Belive me! I had to do it!

Author: Deaven Pegasus 

  • Name: Ascension
  • Description: Complete all of the NFM Wiki Challenges.
  • Difficulty rating: 10/10 (for obvious reasons)
  • Author: The Community