The Chat Bar is a tab located at the bottom of the Need For Madness Multiplayer screen. The main purpose of this bar is to send messages for chatting within the community.


Messages can be sent publicly via this bar. The process is usually extremely simple. To start you hit the Enter key to bring up the bar and then you type in the message, finishing by pressing Enter again, or using the Send Message button. The message will appear in the room Chatbox. Although due to occasional lag in the server, the ' Type here....' option remains instead of disappearing upon click. In game, a player can press the "C" key to open up the chat bar.

Chat FilterEdit

The Chat Filter is operated when messages are sent. Any word that violates the Chat Filter would give the speaking player a warning. Even if unintentional, a word that is typed may have a word that violates the filter. If the speaking player has violated the Chat Filter after receiving a warning, the game shuts down and has to be opened again. So far, there have been some players that have been removed due to excessive spamming and swearing.

Violating the Chat Filter in NFMM will cause this message to pop up.

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