The Chat Filter is operated in NFMM 24/7 to prevent players from sending inappropriate/offensive words/phrases from the chat lobby. However, there are numerous ways to evade the Filter. Curses, spamming and flooding results in a warning and black-screens, which can even disrupt gameplay. If the player violates the filter the second time, the game shuts down for the person who has violated the Chat Filter. Unintentionally, a word may have the filtered word inside it so extra caution into what the player types is needed.


Violating the Chat Filter once in NFMM will cause this message to pop up.


Violating the Chat Filter twice in NFMM will cause this message to pop up. Notice how warning is spelled wrong.

List of Filtered Words

All words/phrases that violate the Chat Filter are here, but not directly mentioned, like "Damn" being referred as the "D Word". However, the real word can be seen by scrolling over the word although some of the filtered words have been left intentionally indirect. To do that, add "<span title="The real word"> The indirect word </span>

  • The "D Word"
  • The "F Word"
  • "The "S Word"
  • The "G Word"
  • The "other D Word"
  • The "B word"
  • The "A Word
  • The "other S Word"(only filter if full Phrase is typed and does not filter if the s word is alone)
  • The "C Word"
  • "FU"
  • Assume
  • Grape
  • Grapefruit
  • Trapezoid(s)
  • Circumference
  • Vacuum
  • "STFU"
  • The "P Word"
  • The "N Word"
  • The "other C Word"
  • The "other B Word"
  • The "H Word"
  • Another "S Word"
  • "The "other A Word"
  • The "W Word"
  • Another "D Word"
  • The "other F Word"
  • "Parental Offence"
  • A Stereotypical insult
  • A threat/insult
  • There have been many mistakes about the chat filter, as it usually mistakes innocent words for some of the filtered words above.
    • A good example is the word "Grape", which is mistaken for an offensive sexual word, similar to "Circumfrence" and "Trapezoid". Other mistaken words include typing wolfage (notice the word f--) and NFME's full name, NeedForMadnessExpert (the last letter of the word 'Madness' and the first two letters of 'Expert', when joined together, makes the chat filter violate the player for typing 'sex'.)[1]

​Evading the Chat Filter

There are many ways of mentioning a word that violates the Chat Filter throughout the game, with these being the most common.

Attention Warning: Do not attempt this, as you will be looked down upon. Need For Madness Wiki is not responsible for any banned IPs' or usernames, as you have been warned.
  • Typing ENTER after each letter of the word, spelling out the word in quick succession.
  • Spacing every letter.
  • Using the indirect version of words.
  • Censoring out some parts with a symbol, such as S**t.
  • Using symbols instead of letters, such as @ being a and ^^ being M.
  • Using another letter with the same shape, like B being ß (ALT + 225), and E being Σ
  • Putting a a symbol in between the letters for eg-s.ex s/ex


  1. Confirmed by Omar Waly. Picture by [[User:Bookbay|]].

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