Qleft Too many M A S H E E N S spoil the broth.
- Predator (NFMM username)

This is a strategy that the player seems to use during special circumstances - the only AI car that does this strategy is M A S H E E N.

M A S H E E N waiting at a checkpoint...


Camp at a checkpoint and try to waste any cars that come by. They have no choice but to try and avoid you. This is most effective if you start driving past the checkpoint and then into their face before they pass the checkpoint. This can be ignored if the path after the checkpoint is straight though. M A S H E E N uses this very often as he is very slow and is a waster. This is why M A S H E E N makes Wasting stages "Broken", and why M A S H E E N is banned from games often enough.

There is a less effective strategy but is also widely used is Wrong Lane Driving.

This is similar to Camping and Roadblocks. They all share blocking a vital part of the track i.e. checkpoints.

High rider smashes C

High Rider smashes a checkpoint

Trivia Edit

  • If the player passes through the last checkpoint and then gets wasted, The player will lose the stage