After Omar Waly added the Car Classification feature to Multiplayer on 1st November 2011, he added Class Only Games as well. There are multiple game types, which include:
  • All classes
  • Class A only
  • Class A & B only
  • Class B only
  • Class B & C only
  • Class C only
  • Game Cars only

The Game Cars only option was added on 19th April 2012, eight days after Omar updated the game to allow players to publish their own custom cars to the Multiplayer server.

These can be useful if the player wanted to create a certain type of game, or if they wanted to eliminate certain cars from the game. However, this feature will sometimes defeat the purpose of the game if everyone uses 1 car only in the game, which will then turn into a Car only game instead. This also helps if people happen to be playing Cops and Robbers since most cars used in the game will be Class B and helps eliminate stronger cars like M A S H E E N, DR Monstaa, Radical One, and EL KING.

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