Coach Insano himself

Qleft I am Coach Insano... I am the coach and narrator of this game!
- Coach Insano, commenting on his identity
Coach Insano is the main character of the Need For Madness series. He is normally seen on the main page of the game flying around on the screen (only in Need For Madness 2 and onwards) . He gives you tips during the start of the race, and he also speaks at different parts of the race.

Voice linesEdit

Insano has a few voice lines that is of annoucing type and are from the GoldWave Audio edited program. Most of insano's lines are not in audio but some are -  the audio you normally hear in gameplay.

1. Countdown (3, 2, 1, GO!)

Insano countdown

2. Car Fixed!


3. Wasted


4. Checkpoint


5. You're wasted!

6. Stunts (text only)

7. [Car] has been wasted! (text only)

8. You wasted [Car]! (text only)

Insano is not just the main character of the game, but he is also the avatar for Omar Waly. In fact, the name Insano is used as Omar Waly's username for Need For Madness Multiplayer. Insano has been remodeled in the graphics enhancement update and now has more details.


  • The face of Coach Insano may be result of addiction to this game, or failing to complete a stage for a long time.
  • Coach Insano's head moves on the main menu of Need For Madness 2 and Need For Madness Multiplayer main menu if you wait long enough.
  • Coach Insano's face seems to be made in MS Paint.
  • If you look closely, you´ll notice his face is just over his skinless skull.
  • Coach Insano is also known as MC Insano on Facebook.