Confusion In An Illusion

Appears in

Stage 10(NFM1)

Boss Car

DR Monstaa

Number of Laps


Main feature

Large Stage, Guidance arrow disabled


Paradise City

Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Very Aggressive

Preceded by

The Beach Arcade Dream

Followed by

The Mad Party


A part of it...

Confusion In An Illusion is the second-to-last stage (Stage 10) in the first Need for Madness. A veritable maze, this stage is made even more difficult by the lack of a guide arrow. Both racing and wasting are possible on this track. Beating this stage will unlock DR Monstaa and The Mad Party.

The BasicsEdit

The hardest stage in the first installment, you will have a fairly difficult time staying on track, and an equally difficult one trying to waste DR Monstaa, as the M A S H E E N isn't from the NFM 1 series, so, even EL KING can't waste DR Monstaa (only when he's full of power) and though this is a Confusion Stage (no guidance arrow) it's too hard to find someone to waste,and too hard to race on it, sometimes, DR Monstaa will attempt to push you off the track and you can forget where is the next checkpoint. If you go off the track, you have to have a good memory of where you are, and be very cautious, as wasters may knock you out and damage you, possibly wasting you.


...Another part of it.



  • Radical One is your best bet. Not only does he have excellent moves and good air, he's fast. Formula 7 can finish the stage faster, with more of a risk to get wasted.
  • Use the ramps to your advantage, as the AI will sometimes go over them in an attempt to hit you. In other words, use the Ramp Getaway strategy.


  • As there is no other available waster, use EL KING.
  • Try to target DR Monstaa first. Camp out at the fixing hoop.
  • As the AI never forgets the track, make sure YOU also remember the track. Intercept them and perform stunts when neccesary. Like in When In Danger, Just Chill Out, Radical One is not easy to waste because s/he can send you flying! Also, his AI is very strategic and is very careful to hit you.
  • DR Monstaa will often waste himself when severely damaged, trying to fix himself.
  • If two Radical Ones are there, you might want to depend on DR monstaa to waste one, as it is hard to take two Radical Ones alone.


  • If you use EL KING and you haven't completed this stage, it is possible to have 2 Radical Ones at the same time.
  • Sometimes, when you hit Formula 7 with Radical One on 7rd checkpoint, Formula 7 starts to drive backwards like drunk to the 8th checkpoint.


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Bold: Stages also appear in the game's Sequel

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