Contrary To Popular Belief
NFM1 Stage 2

Appears in

Need For Madness 1

Boss Car

Max Revenge

Number of Laps


Main feature

Sand, more stuff



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Race, quite aggressive as well

Preceded by

The Introductory Stage

Followed by

Do The Snake Dance

Contrary To Popular Belief is the second stage in the first Need for Madness. It is a slight step-up from the first stage, having an extended track, more Track Items and a bit more of a challenge. When completed, this stage unlocks MAX Revenge.


True to the size, this stage is fairly easy. The number of ramps in this stage have been traded for its varaities, thus needing the player to choose a high power save car. In the stage, there is only 1 Fixing Hoop. There are no Hazards in this stage unless you count the smooth ramp which you can only hit by driving into it the wrong way so it's not a Hazard. There is also quite a shortcut between the 1st and 2nd checkpoints. A mystery square track appears in the unused area of the stage.



The best way to win. Any fast car is needed. Little note here: MAX Revenge is not the fastest. Thus any car faster than him (La Vita Crab and Formula 7) can beat him easily. Wow Caninaro and Tornado Shark will sometimes try to waste you, but that's not much of a problem as you can send them flying (or outrace them). Beware when doing this with Formula 7, as you may get wasted in the process.

Need for Madness - Stage 2 Walkthrough

Need for Madness - Stage 2 Walkthrough


This is quite hard to do as the stage is VERY large. Wow Caninaro or Tornado Shark is your best choice; just remember to waste MAX Revenge and Formula 7 first. Just past the 2nd checkpoint is an area where the cars tend to waste each other, then rush for the Hoop if they are sevearly damaged.


  • In some versions of the first game, "belief", is misworded as "believe".

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