The Controls of Need for Madness are pretty simple and straightforward. The controls are similar to other racing games, with a few add-ons. It is easy to remember.

In-Game Edit

To accelerate: Press the up arrow key

To slow down: Press the down arrow key, or for a faster brake, press spacebar.

To steer: Left or right arrow keys

To perform stunts (only when airborne): Spacebar+Any arrow key.

-Front loop: Spacebar+up arrow key

-Back loop: Spacebar+down arrow key

-Rollspin: Spacebar+right/left arrow key

-Front/Back Loop+Flip: Spacebar+Right+Up arrow key, Spacebar+Left+Up arrow key, Spacebar+Right+Down arrow key, or Spacebar+Left+Down arrow key

PAUSE: Enter or Escape key or click on the screen

To change guidance arrow: Press A. There are two different kinds of guidance arrows, in which the yellow one shows the path of the next checkpoint, while the blue one shows the nearest car. The yellow arrow and the blue arrow are used in racing and wasting, respectively. Only one arrow can be shown at a time.

NOTE: Guidance Arrow is disabled in Stage 10 in NFM1/NFMM. Pressing "A" does not do anything. In Multiplayer mode for this stage, you cannot see the players list, as well as their approximate location. You also cannot use the Guidance Arrow itself in this stage.

In Menu Edit

To select or start game: Mouse, or Arrow+Enter

Choosing car: Mouse, or arrow+enter