Creep Up is a common strategy that is usually seen in many waster cars. When a car is at the fence or another place while they are doing something else at the moment, the waster gets a open chance to waste the car so the racer doesn't get the chance to escape. This is mostly used by M A S H E E N and EL KING. Racers in Need For Madness Multiplayer use this strategy when their opponent is either viewing a page or if they are away. Sometimes, racers will not harm their opponent while they are away, but most of the time they ignore what the opponent said and use the creep up strategy. When the racer returns to the game, they will see that their car is destroyed and the game is officially over. However, if you are able to recover before you get wasted, you can easily fix yourself so you won't get wasted.


To do this, drive a car and ram it into the enemy's back. Sometimes they will take low damage and pushed or launched forward (and given a big boost) like Radical One does, or they will spin out and will become easy prey.


Creeping upon a car.

You also can do this in start if you have a fast car. You will either be spinned or be boosted flying through the victim and boss, depending on car you creep on.

EL KING often does this in Maximum Overfly.


Creeping at a car and sending it towards the wall.