Dances with Monsters
Stg 15
Flying monsters

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Dr Monstaa

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AI Behavior

Race, aggressive near the end

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The Gun Run

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Four Dimensional Vertigo

Dances with Monsters is the fifteenth stage of the second Need For Madness . This is a stage consisting of loops, twists, and turns, and is the first track in which the player will encounter DR Monstaa, an extremely fast and powerful waster. Also this is a near - copy of Stage 9 from Need for Madness with some new additions, such as more ramps, and more electrified hoops for each car height.



Although the recommendation of this stage is racing, the player can do as s/he pleases. However, if the player is going to waste, then s/he should use EL KING or M A S H E E N. First, s/he should get on the part which has the fixing hoop and keep on doing stunts until a car passes by. Then try to hit it. Beware of DR Monstaa as though it has the same strength as EL KING, it is much faster and will commonly seem to be right behind the player. Please note that the majority of the cars are suicidal, so the player may just let them crash into him/her and waste themselves. Now and again, the player should be wary to fix.

E RadicalOne NFM2

This car is probably your best choice.


Racing is a different story. The player should use the newly unlocked Radical One and race with it. It is much better using Radical One than Formula 7 or Mighty Eight as Radical One's stunts are better and it is also has better Endurance than Formula 7 and Mighty Eight. Using Forward Loops are recommended here. If a car, especially DR Monstaa starts to hunt down the player in attempt to waste him/her, then s/he could take the appropriate action by doing the "Snake Dance" strategy, or simply try outrace them. With the player begin Radical One, s/he has the advantage of being extremely fast and being perfect at stunts. Also, the player should use the quarterpipes to his/her advantage! DR Monstaa will sometimes attempt to hunt the player down, so one should be wary of it. Finally, note that on the second to last checkpoint, there is a large ramp just before it. One should rollspin off of it to get to the checkpoint as soon as possible; backtracking might have the player coming face to face with the deadly M A S H E E N or DR Monstaa!


The Boss: DR Monstaa AKA The Ganster.


  • When a car is highly damaged it'll head for the fixing ring near the start and start doing laps there over and over again. It is the player's best spot to waste other cars.
  • When the player is in front of all the AIs, all the cars don't bother use the quarterpipes(except MASHEEN).
  • During the race, sometimes the AI aren't racing, instead, the AI are going different ways such as ramps and quarterpipes until an AI spotted the player, so be careful.


Need for Madness 2 - Stage 15 Walkthrough

Need for Madness 2 - Stage 15 Walkthrough

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