Not to be confused with Edge Guarder.

Death By Air, or known as "God's Move", is a cheap last-effort attack to critically damage or waste an enemy.


This involves the player (or any car) flying into the air to meet the victim. When they crash, the victim will fly VERY far away, sometimes wasting them on collision. This is seen most in The Gun Run and Ghosts and Magic.

If the player would try to attempt this, make sure he is using a very good stunting car as so to Forward Loop into the enemy.
Rad 2

Radical One wastes Mighty Eight via Death By Air, another example.

All the AI cars will do this, if not on purpose.

A good choice is Radical One because of his high stunting ability, and he will take minimal damage once he does this.

This strategy is almost the same thing as the Flying Wrecker.