Digger's Revenge
Diggin' time!

Appears in

Need For Madness 2

Boss Car

Radical One

Number of Laps

2 (10 in Multiplayer)

Main feature




Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Race (MASHEEN wastes)

Preceded by

Suddenly the King Becomes Santa's Little Helper

Followed by

The Gun Run

Qleft Anyone up for as game of Digger?! You can have fun using MASHEEN here!
- Coach Insano, recommending M A S H E E N for this level

Digger's Revenge is the 13th stage in Need for Madness 2 and, as the name implies, is a wasting stage specifically for M A S H E E N. This slightly features Radical One.


This is a small stage with many sandy U-turns, making the cars lose the abillity to race fast... and is very easy for MASHEEN to intercept their turns and waste any cars coming by. This has only 2 laps while Multiplayer has 10 laps by default as of April 2012.



As the boss is Radical One, this is NOT recommended unless you are very bad at using MASHEEN, or you are posting a time in the records page. As this has many U-turns, avoiding MASHEEN (if he is in the stage) will not be easy as he could easily intercept your turns. Also make sure that your car has very good handling (grip and turning sensitivity!). Mighty Eight or High Rider are your best choices here. Formula 7 can finish the race quicker, but he is very likely to get wasted easily. As such, it is not a good idea to race with him unless you are seriously good at evading!

Need for Madness 2 - Formula 7 Solo Run Stage 13

Need for Madness 2 - Formula 7 Solo Run Stage 13

Formula 7 completing the stage.

Wasting Edit

This is VERY fun to waste with MASHEEN and the stage's sole purpose is for the player to forget all frustration they had avoiding MASHEEN in the last 2 stages. It is much better choice to use MASHEEN than EL KING, because MASHEEN is stronger and can waste cars easier than EL KING. Also Radical One has a lot more troubles to send MASHEEN flying than EL KING. Take shortcuts and try to waste Radical One as s/he comes. Do try and waste the others in a similar fashion. Some cars will also attempt to kamikaze into the player. Watch out for them! The key to not make them crash into you is by not provoking them. Snake Dancing would also help prevent the AI from Kamikazing into you. If you don't go near them, they won't kamikaze into you!


Early in the April of 2012, Omar Waly changed the default number of laps for the Multiplayer version from 2 to 10. You can still change the number of laps to your own liking when creating a game online, though.

Trivia Edit

  • The song "Popcorn" is the song for this stage, only with a more rock and roll tune. (NOTE: The soundtrack used contains copyright content!)
  • At the start, the AI will often turn left. This is due to the track's turn at the start/finish.
  • Despite the fact AI cars will race, they are also suicidally aggressive if you approach them. This makes it harder to win by racing.
  • This stage is said to be a test stage for wasters like the Big 3.
  • This stage is also used as a proving ground for evading and testing cars' Handling; such as trying to stay on track and not run wide on the hairpin U-turns!
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