Disconnected (what most players call DC) is a problem that occurs often in Need For Madness Multiplayer. It normally happens when a race starts. You will be kicked out of the game and either 6 out of 7 players will be disconnected as well. People also force their opponents to disconnect by putting pressure on them so they will have no choice but to give up. People mostly manually disconnect if a member that they do not want to race with joins the game and tries to mess up the race.

If you have been disconnected, a small message will appear on your screen giving you a warning that your internet connect may not be fast enough to play Multiplayer, but sometimes the internet connection works perfectly but it still gives the message.

Automatically WastedEdit

When you are disconnected from the game, your car will automatically be wasted and your game will be over. Being wasted due to disconnecting from a game will look the same as being wasted normally.

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