Do The Snake Dance
Do The Snake Dance

Appears in

Stage 3(Need For Madness)

Boss Car

Lead Oxide

Number of Laps


Main feature

Learning the Snake Dance


Snake Dance

Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior

Aggressive (If two cars are wasted Lead Oxide will waste)

Preceded by

Contrary To Popular Belief

Followed by

Grapefruit Power

Do The Snake Dance is the third stage in the first Need for Madness. It is also the first that is intended to be used for Wasting.


It is very identical to Stage 4 in Need For Madness 2: Twisted Revenge. It consists of a segment of many S-bends - hence its name - followed by an array of small ramps that are almost in the same pattern. This level is also the first to have the hoop non-contiguous with the track, but instead on a central strip of dirt track. The AI here will both race and waste, depending on where you are from them. Lure them to crash into Lead Oxide and they and Lead Oxide will be wasted!



As this has 7 laps, this is extremely unrecommended. However, if you cannot waste Lead Oxide (See below), racing may work. However, if you approach a car, the AI will attempt to send you off track. Also, be prepared to evade other cars as they will try to waste you and intercept you whenever possible. La Vita Crab and MAX Revenge are your best bets here.


You will need a lot of power to waste Lead Oxide, as he is the 4th car endurance-wise in the game. When 2 cars are wasted Lead Oxide betrays his path to waste you, but otherwise if you don't he won't even bother to do it. The recommended cars against Lead Oxide are such as Wow Caninaro and MAX Revenge. Go to the fifth checkpoint and then turn around and try to waste Lead Oxide. Try to waste Lead Oxide when he is slow or stopped. Good places to waste the cars are:

  • The double S-bend (a rattler) at the start, go backwards through them, and waste the incomers.
  • The corner after the Split Ramp, go backwards and through the checkpoint.
  • The finish line, go backwards through the checkpoint and waste incomers. This is good for if your opponents are on their last lap.

Trivia Edit

  • Lead Oxide will race, but when two cars are wasted he will start wasting.
Need for madness stage 3

Need for madness stage 3

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