There are numerous times that players have lost due to distractions outside or inside of NFM. These distractions may be due to typing while driving(TWD), or other things going on outside of NFM.

Inside NFM:

1. Players may lose control or not pay attention and get wasted due to typing in the chat bar and talking to other people who are watching the game.

Outside NFM:

1. Ringing cell phone. This may cause the player to leave the computer or lean over, resulting, usually, in getting wasted, as the player is not there to steer the car away from danger.

2. Sometimes the player is having a snack, being unable to control the car because they are eating.

3. And maybe, the player is having an argument with someone next to the computer, leaving the player not paying attention.

4. A player is going into another website by not paying attention to the road and get wasted

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