Feign Retreat is a rather complex strategy with a medium chance of succeeding. This, however, results into high damage for the enemy. The name devires from the real life tactic of Feign Retreating.


When the player's car is damaged (or look to be damaged), retreat away and let the enemy car give chase. Lure the opponent near a hazard or a wall (though this will NOT work if M A S H E E N is lured) and suddenly brake or swerve away. Drifty cars tend to work best due to their immense slow-down ablility when swerving. As they are recovering from their spin/sudden brake, ram them into a wall/harzard. This is very effective against bigger cars like EL KING. This may also require a friend to help it the car when it is recovering.

Note that this may backfire if attempted with a small car wasting a bigger; 30% of the time the consequence is sliding right under them and ramming into the hazard instead.

This is good for wasting EL KING in The Garden Of The King.

Because Radical One has the best Handling and decent Strength, he is a good candidate for executing this.