The Fixing Hoop (also known as the Electric Hoop) is a raised rotating electrical ring found on all stages but The Mad Party and The Gun Run, with more than one in some stages.



The hoop itself is intangible; it is not a solid "collide-able" object. The fixing hoop is used to repair the player's car, reset its damage to zero and retain its original look. Wasted cars can be pushed through the hoop and reanimated: if that happens, their race progress is reloaded, that is, a car that finished five laps will not have to redo those laps. This applies to the player, too, but the drawback is that the reanimation must follow the wasting closely, before the game jumps to the game highlights and ends the game.

Some cars may have trouble reaching the fixing hoop, depending on its placement. Medium sized cars like Wow Caninaro can perform back loops and can reach the fixing hoop with little to moderate. Really large and heavier cars like EL KING and M A S H E E N may find the most difficulty reaching the hoop, especially if there is only a small ramp.


Sword of Justice getting fixed. Note that he can still take damage during this.


The ID Number for the hoop itself is 41. If you plan on hacking stages with spinning fix hoops, put one at a tilted angle (positive number of degrees~for example, 45) and then put an s at the end to make the hoop spin. Be sure that you put fix(41,x-axis,z-axis,y-axis,degree)s.



Will result in a hoop that spins. It will tilt 45 degrees and rotate back and forth.

However, any track piece can be used as a fix as long as the coding to enable that piece as a fix is retained.

Oddly, the y-axis for the fix must be a negative number, otherwise the fix would be below the ground. In other words, negative values increases the elevation of the fix above the ground whilst whilst positive values do the opposite.