The Forward Loop is a very basic stunt, and shares similarity to it's other counterpart, the Backward Loop.


To do the stunts, simply hold down the Up and Space Bar for as long as you want. If you want a Single Loop, hold down the buttons for ~1 second. The times vary for 2+ loops, as each car has a different Axis of Rotation. Tornado Shark, for example, will go very far forward while Lead Oxide would cover minimal area.


The stunt is usually used in Racing, as doing the loop pushes the character forward. It can also be used to catch up with players in front, or give a stronger attack during an Edge Guarder Strategy. Note that it is rare for a car to do more than 2 front loops on normal cases, with High Rider and Radical One being the few who can achieve 3+ loops, and this can only be done over Giant Ramps.

This stunt results in 19-21% gained after.


Many cars cannot do this over a Speedbump, and M A S H E E N cannot do this on any low ramp. However, This can be achieved if you have full power and get pushed by another car towards a Giant Ramp and it results in a foward loop. It is very difficult but it can be done.


  • During any stage, if your car's front end hits the ground at a ~90° angle, there is a chance that your car's back end will suddenly be lurched forward into the ground, resulting into a Bad Landing. This is most easily seen with High Rider.

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