(AKA Hurdles, Fake Checkpoints or Rail Doorway) are large square arches that can be dangerous to cars going off track or landing from a jump. They only deal minor damage, but they can trap a car in one place for a large car like EL KING or M A S H E E N to destroy them. Additionally, they can wreck a stunt that lands on top of them.

Their model ID number is 38.

They are only in NFM1 Stage 5. In NFM2 they are in Stages 6, 7, and 12.


In Stage 5 of NFM1 you could use Formula 7 to become invincible, you must go to one of the frames and go in the center and turn right or left and hit it by going forward then back multiple times.


If lots of frames are put together and slightly overlapping each other, it can form a tunnel.