Game Highlight is a special feature in every Need For Madness game, which signifies the "highlight" of every stage. If the player does not do anything outstanding during that stage, the stage ends without any highlight.

Need For MadnessEdit

In the first game, the Highlight had only 3 types: Stunts, Wasting a car or getting Wasted. The game will show some part before the highlight, then when it comes to the highlight, the game will pause and rotate the screen to see full view of the act happening, and the screen will flash twice. The act will end and the camera will follow the car as normal (though it follows the Wasted car if the highlight is wasting). The 3 titles for the highlights are:

  • Stunts!
  • You wasted 'em!
  • Wasted!

Need For Madness 2Edit

The 2nd game has more features, such as the "Close Finish". This time, the Stunts highlight will have 2 types, one of them not pausing the act at all (a minor stunt) and the normal one (a better stunt). The Close Finish highlight will always occur if the player finishes narrowly, and at one point, the camera will follow the player, and then switch to the opponent car, and back to the player again as s/he finishes the race. The "Almost won" highlight is simmilar, but the camera follows the cars in an opponent-player-opponent sequence instead- which mainly adds an insult to the player. The 5 title highlights are:

  • Stunts!
  • You wasted 'em!
  • Wasted!
  • Close finish
  • Close finish! Almost got it!


  • In Need For Madness Multiplayer,  another highlight is Disconnected, which shows when you disconnect from the game
  • In Need For Madness Single Player, there is also Best Stunt!, which is doing an awesome stunt

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