Java JDK (click on Windows x86)
NFM 2 w/ Java:

NOTE: I recommend installing NFM 2 in your My documents or somewhere else easily accessible. Windows will say it didn't install right, but it did.

Okay. Now that that stuff is all installed, Open up BlueJ

Click on "Project" in the top left corner. Then select "New Project". The it will ask you where the project folder should be. I recommend right along side your NFM 2 folder. Every once in a while Bluej gives an error that there is "Already a folder there" or something like that. If that happens make the project folder right in your C drive
Now go to your Fixed NFM 2 classes and select them all. Copy them, and paste them in your BlueJ project folder.


Finishing Up:Edit

After hacking, click compile in the top left-hand side. Open up your BlueJ project folder, as well as your Madness.jar in 7zip. (right-click Madness.jar and click "7zip" then click "Open as archive").

MAKE SURE ALL MADNESS INSTANCES ARE CLOSED. Open up Command Prompt and use this code: "taskkill /f /im madness.exe /t". Run that every time before you perform the next step.

Drag the modded .class file from your project folder to your Madness.jar, If it asks you anything just continue. If it gives an error, recheck to see if any Madness processes are open, then restart 7zip. Finally, open up NFM and enjoy the epicness.

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