Ghostrider is a server made in Need For Madness Multiplayer. It shares users in conjunction to its other 2 servers, Dominion and Avenger.


It was added by Omar Waly in the 15/9/11 update to reduce load time. Like its other 2 servers, it consists of 5 rooms, which seats 10 players each, which in total sum up to 50 players per server. However, for many players, this server often does not respond/has a high lag or delay, thus it is best to use the server Dominion.


  • It's main purpose has been said to "reduce load time", as seeing players in this server are rare.
  • Ghostrider's name suggests that this server rides on ghosts. It also relates to Ghosts and Magic from Stage 10, NFM2. Therefore, the name from this stage may have been a huge influence in establishing the name of the server.

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