Ghosts and Magic
G&M Stage
It's magic

Appears in

Need For Madness 2

Boss Car

Mighty Eight (Unlocked on completion)

Number of Laps


Main feature

NO shortcuts, Racing



Number of Checkpoints


Recommended Strategy


AI Behavior


Preceded by

Majestic Duty

Followed by

Rolling with the Big Boys

Ghosts and Magic is the 10th stage in the second Need for Madness which shows Mighty Eight's true power.

Overview Edit

This is one of the most "real" tracks in this game; it is rectangular with many ramps, the boss being Mighty Eight, which is a VERY fast car. Ghosts and Magic is based on the track "The Fast and The Furious + The Radical" in NFM1. All cars will race (unless there is MASHEEN and/or EL KING) in this 3 lap stage. This stage is also perhaps the third most fast-paced stage, after The Gun Run and The Stretch.



The level is aptly named - Mighty Eight will "magically" disappear like a "ghost" if you are left behind. The best choice for this level is Formula 7, since it is literally the only car that can beat Mighty Eight in terms of speed. Alternatively, High Rider can be used, due to its decent stunt stat and being fast enough to catch up to Mighty Eight (tied in La Vita Crab in Top Speed ). thumb|400px|left

During the race, do nothing but forward loops and Aerial Boosts, as they will make you fly forwards. Make sure you land properly after each stunt, as a bad landing can allow Mighty Eight to gain an insurmountable lead. This is especially important if you are using High Rider. Keep going at it for the entire race, and Mighty Eight will have been beaten. Whenever possible, use Aerial Boost


This is actually easy if you know where to camp EL KING. NEVER put him behind a giant ramp as the cars will fly over it. During the start, drive EL KING the other way, doing a stunt on the wall sided ramp. Do not use the quarterpipe. Now you either wait near the sandy ramps and keep on doing stunts there, or camp at just before the giant ramp (not the one at the start).


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