Giant Ramp
"Takeoff Ramp"

Approximate Height

25 meters

Approximate Endpoint Angle


Model ID Number


Approximate Width

2800 units

Approximate Ground Length

5600 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off of

Very Easy

By far the largest and steepest ramp in the game, the Giant Ramp (or Big-Takeoff Ramp in Stage Maker) is only found in a few stages due to its enormous size. Due to the size of the ramp, it is the easiest to do "massive" stunts on. However, it is near impossible to aim oneself off one of these, and their height means the car must travel a much larger distance than on the ground (and thus can be passed in a race). Lots of cars can get good air on this ramp, especially Nimi and Radical One. They appear in level 6,8, and 9 in NFM1, and in level 8, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15 and 16 in NFM2. These have the most apperances in Maximum Overfly (NFM2) and Paninaro, Caninaro, Let's Fly! (NFM1).