This stunt is one of the most pointless to do alone, as there are many more stunts that can be done and gives better power. However, if coupled with other stunts it becomes the best Stalling technique.


Simply drive into the side of a ramp. You may take damage, and you will be sent in the opposite direction that you came. In this time, if you do not do any stunt, you will simply gain a "Hanged" stunt, but if you loop or roll the stunt instantly becomes a incredibly high power gain.


It can be used for Stalling a Wasting match, as many cars have trouble reaching ramps. Other then that, it gains incredibly high power.

This stunt results in depends gained after.


Interestingly, MASHEEN can do this stunt the fastest due to his weight, and can repeatedly "Hang" the ramps until a car (or player) is fed up and goes for him. In this way, MASHEEN becomes the best car to play mind games with.

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