Hazards are pieces designed to inflict damage and delay on cars. Unless the game has throttled itself, most Hazards will have black-and-yellow chevrons to warn you that the piece is dangerous.

A useful tip for wasters is to push a weak car into these obstacles.

Trivia Edit

  • M A S H E E N do not take damage from hazards.
  • Cars like Formula 7 or Nimi take often enough damage from a hazard to waste themselves.

Kool Kat wasted in a Walled Ramp.


Drifter X get hit in railings

  • There is a rather amusing glitch in NFM with F7 as if you crash to much times with it in stage 5 or 7 on hazards it becomes invincible.
  • AI is not trained yet to handle parts Railings, nets or launch ramps as the behavior is rather confused (such as thinking road parts with Railings are only normal parts though is the only part of which behavior is not trained to handle it and is not added in Stage Maker update, is part of classic versions) because are for Stage Maker. This for why they are made more for Multiplayer.
  • The updated NFMM had black and yellow chevrons on hazards to warn are dangerous.

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