Head on Bash (Head on Collision or Frontal Collision) is the simplest strategy, and is used in every car wasting game known (Like Burnout and such).


Simply crash into the front of another car using the front of the player's car. If the player's car has higher Power and/or the car is a waster car, the opponent will be sent into a wall (or, far distances). If they are stronger, however, it should be the player's car that is sent backwards. This usually results in high amounts of damage, and/or a waste. The verb is to Bash [someone] head on.

There is a similar strategy called High Flyer that sends the enemies up rather than into a wall.


Though it is rather hard to execute proper strategies with Head on Bash, there have been some ways to deal extra damage to cars that have been hit head-on.

A very good example is sending a car into fixed position, usually into Hazards or for the Double Dice strategy.

This strategy is also extremely advisable to do for intercepting cars that are going for the Hoop, with the player driving from the hoop, and that the opponent is going for the hoop. If the car does not turn, they are blocked from going into the hoop, and will usually be Wasted. While the opponent can swerve left or right to avoid this attack, they are usually sent into a dilemna on which way to go; both results yield positive results.