High Rider
Getaway on wheels


Need For Madness 2

Boss Car of



Best Trait

Stunts, Racing




Omar Waly

Main Paint Color


Tier List Ranking

Racing: 4

Wasting: 6

Qleft LET'S FLY!
- High Rider
High Rider in a Nutshell


6.5 liter V8 supercharged


Bf. Goodrich Semi-Racing tires

Weight Distribution:



Very Easy

Bottom Line:

Of all the getaway cars out there, this one is king. Fast at stunts, good for wasting, and fast on the ground as well, this car provides you with all the good stuff you need to get away!

Pros Cons
  • 4th highest speed
    in the game (tied
    with La Vita Crab and Drifter X)
  • Good Acceleration
  • Great Handling
  • 2nd best Stunter
    in the game
  • Gains extremely
    high air from loops
  • Can push cars very far.
  • 3rd best gliding in the game.
  • Shrugs off multiple hits from EL KING and DR MONSTAA at full power
  • Good Strength & Excellent Endurance Rating
  • Capable of wasting EL KING and DR MONSTAA and evading other cars
  • Poor Powersave, resulting
    in need for constant stunts
  • Cannot send cars flying
    like its upgraded
    counterpart, Radical One
  • MASHEEN, DR MONSTAA, EL KING, Sword of Justice and Radical One are stronger

High Rider is blue with dark blue stripes. It debuts in Need for Madness 3 and appears in the prequel Need For Madness Multiplayer.


High Rider is versatile in all respects, being strong enough to waste, fast enough to race, and agile enough to evade. High Rider is thus classified as an all-around car. It's most outstanding attribute is it's fantastic Stunts, which is completed by its high Endurance. High Rider also has a fair drift ability, which can be used to both it's and the opponent's advantage. High Rider's strong prowess makes it not easy to waste provided its power save is maintained properly, as it's stats are leaned towards stunts, not strength. It is fairly easy to overtake High Rider in a race, provided that it does not maintain it's Power properly.

It is also capable of performing many strategies, such as The Washing Machine.


The AI of High Rider is fairly aggressive, often abandoning it's original path to swerve towards the player. However, unlike other racer cars, High Rider is not suicidally aggressive, and will not attempt to collide with the player if the circumstances do not favour it.

Appearances Edit

High Rider's first appearance is in Centrifugal Rush, Under Water? in the second Need for Madness, in which it both wastes and races, usually getting wasted in the carnage because of it's lack of fixing, and it's aggressive AI.

High Rider appears in the stage Four Dimensional Vertigo as a racer. High Rider does not go after you and it races like Mighty Eight. It's AI is slightly improved, compared to the latter (whose AI has been downgraded). High Rider will occasionally abandon its race to fix, but it does not perform suicidal stunts like the Audi.


  • High Rider is based off of Night Rider's first version.
  • High Rider is a class A and class B car
  • His supposed rivals are Radical One, Mighty Eight, and suprisingly Tornado Shark, due to the same paint and shape design.
  • High Rider is one of the two "obvious" Bully Cars, because it is quite agressive. The other Bully Car is Sword of Justice
  • High Rider is the second rarest (tied with Kool Kat) to have "tuned" versions of it. When it is tuned, it gets the spoiler on his trunk upgraded and his bodykit upgraded as well. The stats of these cars seldom change.
  • This car is the only car to have a spoiler on the rear of the car, (aside from Radical One) in which it has some sort of a splitter (air dam/bodykit) at the front.
  • Like his upgraded counterpart, Radical One, High Rider has a bodykit.
  • Doing a Aerial Boost then frontflipping causes High Rider to frontloop without control. To fix it wait until you get to the ground. The same thing happens with it's upgraded counterpart, Radical One.
  • Some say that High Rider's other rival is Radical One, sometimes compared with the stunting, wasting, racing, etc.
  • High Riders boss stages is Centrifugal Rush, Under Water? and The Stretch
  • Its real-life counterpart is a 1967 Shelby Mustang Elanor from the movie Gone in 60 Seconds.