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Hired Guns is the soundtrack for Need For Madness 2. It appears in the eleventh stage of the
game, Rolling with the Big Boys.


It was downloaded from and remixed by Omar Waly. In the downloadable version, it is available for viewing, though the files are in .MOD format.

Lyrics and EmotionEdit

There are no lyrics in this stage. However, it's emotion and theme makes up for that, as it gives the feeling of "Big Bullies" and that "Don't mess with me, I'm superior"- signalling MASHEEN to go out hunting.


A soundtrack of the song can be found here:

Need For Madness Two Music - Stage 11 - "Hired Guns"03:32

Need For Madness Two Music - Stage 11 - "Hired Guns"

This song seems to be an instrumental version of Haddaway - What Is Love; with a slightly different synth tone.

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