Hoop Blocking is a special strategy that branches off it's more basic counterpart, Camping.

Blocking Hoop, Strat № 1Edit

If you want to kill someone and stop them from fixing so that you can waste them, you can place your car in front of the ramp of the Fixing Hoop and stop there, the car which is going to fix has no choice but to crash into you. You might take damage, but they will also take damage. This is used by many NFMM players.

Blocking Hoop, Strat № 2Edit

Place your car right next to the ramp of the hoop. Wait for the victim to arrive, then move your car to the ramp and place the car there. This might take some practice, but will be a good block. If you have a lot of lag on Need for Madness Multiplayer, you might not accomplish this. It is used by some players but is not very popular.

Blocking Hoop, Strat № 3Edit

If you want to waste a smaller car and they are headed for the hoop, go to the hoop before them and turn around once you are right next to the ramp. The fixer should be on the route for the hoop now, so go in the opposing direction and Head-On Bash them. The momentum should be very sudden and waste them. Do NOT try this when trying to waste a M A S H E E N, EL KING or DR Monstaa, as it is more likely you will take the damage.


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