Hydro Spectrum was a merged clan between Team Arcane Shards and Determination which formed on February 25, 2015.

Members listEdit

  • ToaZuka (Leader)
  • Boiler (Co-Leader)
  • Loaf (Co-Leader)
  • Rapidkrave (Co-Leader)
  • Rulue (Moderator)
  • Agility (Moderator)
  • Carbonator/Armadus
  • Chemical/SoEpic
  • Drazzey
  • MaxLogic
  • SarahCS
  • Shadow
  • Shmee150
  • XRV

War HistoryEdit

  • VS Night Raid (5-3 to Hydro Spectrum)
  • VS Insane Drifters (5-3 to Insane Drifters)
  • VS Corrupt Masters (5-0 to Hydro Spectrum)

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