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The Instant Replay is a feature which shows a quick replay mid-race. It is only accessible through the pause menu. Clicking the instant replay button will switch the camera to a rotating view around your car as it replays up to five seconds of the race. This is a great way to catch some curious moments, or cool Stunts/maneuvers you pull off.

A modified version of this can be seen as the Game Highlight.


  • Nice jump bro

    In this replay, a Custom Car clears a Net in Quake Ownage.

    The stage's music is played as you watch the replay. The bug occurs when the replay finishes; the music does not stop playing, and may glitch out (playing the same note) if left alone for too long. If it does this, press M twice; the music should play correctly.
  • Wasted cars will not appear as a flaming husk after returning to the game. They will appear as their damaged, colored selves. If a car is wasted, it will act normally.

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