Drifter X sacrifices itself to waste M A S H E E N.

is a technique in which a car (either the player or the AI) drives straight behind or the sides of a waster car (or any strong car) which may look like the car being 'squashed' inside another car, resulting in instantly wastes them/near wastes them. This is frequently done with the AI is provoked by the player.

A kamikaze example.

Example: M A S H E E N swerves near Mighty Eight, which Mighty then turns around and crashes into M A S H E E N.

Note that Kamikaze is also a joke term when the player attempts to waste a bigger car, like Lead Oxide driving into EL KING in The Garden of the King

A frequent example of Kamikaze exclamation includes when death is imminment, but the player still attempts to
Triple Death

Triple death!

crash in a bigger car.

Example: "Hey! Don't go Kamikaze into EL KING!"

Double Death or "The Deadly Dead"Edit

The strategy is much, much like Kamikaze, but both cars are wasted in the process. It can be done by hitting a car when both are near Wasted. The player must be very careful in doing this, as if the strategy fails the out come would be a Kamikaze instead of a "Double Death".


  • Kamikaze

    Drifter X wastes Nimi and himself in a Kamikaze

    "Kamikaze" is litterally translated as "Divine Wind". (Japanese: 神風)
  • Another name for this is "Sacrifice".[1]


  1. More information may also be found here.