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Kool Kat
The "hippie" racer (and waster}


Need For Madness 2

Boss Car of




Best Trait

Racing, Backward Loops


Available at start

Creator (Real-life)

Omar Waly

Main Paint Color


Supposed Rival

Tornado Shark

Tier List Ranking

  • Racing: 13
  • Wasting: 14
Kool Kat is a starter car introduced in Need for Madness 2.


Pros Cons
  • Decently Fast in terms of
    Top Speed
  • Great Aerial Control
  • Can Aerial Boost effectively
  • Good Rollspins
  • An All-Purpose Car
  • Can waste Class B & C
    cars properly
  • Mediocre Grip
  • Poor Acceleration
  • Can easily be sent flying by
    Radical One, or most strong
    cars in general.
  • Not generally strong in
    any point, barring stunts.

Kool Kat is a car from Need For Madness 2. Kool Kat is good in both Racing and Wasting (except when facing EL KING, M A S H E E N or DR Monstaa), and specializes in stunts. She is also a quality starter car and the Boss of "The Valley of the Alley Cats" and "The Ravenous Outbreak" only on Need for Madness Revised and Recharged. Kool Kat can effectively perform roll spins, and due to her posture, if she manages to pull off a Front Flip, she is bolstered forward. This is because she is similar to her apprentice/rival Tornado Shark. Also, if she does a Back Flip, she will soar WAY HIGH up into the air, making non-Daredevil cars, (see Car Types) have a hard time catching her in the air. On the flipside, preforming a front flip will lower her elevation dramatically, and doing a backflip will slow her down quite a bit. She can do an Aerial Boost very well to surge in front of cars in the air, so fast cars such as Mighty Eight will be easily overtaken in the air with this car.

Kool Kat in real life.
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One might use this car for racing, due to her effectively performing rollspins without changing angle, and having a good top speed and being able to withstand several hits. However, her poor acceleration allows larger cars (e.g. DR Monstaa) to catch up and crush her. Cars like Sword of Justice will be a nuisance to Kool Kat near the start of the game. Radical One will throw her easily, making her easy to be wasted. She can evade cars by back looping.


Kool Kat's AI can be comparable to La Vite Crab's, preferring to race more often then to waste, but once in a while she takes the chance to hit you on the side. Interestingly, most cars don't target Kool Kat, often wasting her near to the end of the race.


She usually appears from the very start of the game until the end (except Stage 16).


  • Kool Kat is usally considered to be the Mascot car of Need for Madness 2, taking over Tornado Shark in Need For Madness.
  • Kool Kat is based off a 1963 Cadillac.
  • There has yet to be a tuned version of this car, but recolors of it widely exist. The most popular recolor of Kool Kat is a brown and gold paint scheme (brown body and gold trim).
  • The reason why Kool Kat is so good at stunts because of it's fins at the back of the car.
  • Although the place where the X and Y axis meet is in the rear, that allows the fins to function better.
  • When you turn its stats to Class A, the most similar car is Radical One.
  • Kool Kat is one of the cars that has her stats slightly modified due to the Car Maker update.
  • One of the three cars suitable to waste Sword of Justice at the beginning.

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