Low Wide Ramp
Flat Ramp
The death trap

Approximate Height

1.5 meters

Approximate Endpoint Angle

Model ID Number


Approximate Width

2800 units

Approximate Ground Length

5600 units

Difficulty to do a stunt off of


The Low Wide Ramp, also known as the Landing Ramp in the Stage Maker, is a wide and low ramp. Its angled section is the shallowest of all the ramps, a mere 20 degrees! This is followed by a large flat section. This makes doing stunts very difficult for most of the cars except for those that specialize in stunts.

There is a variant of this ramp that appears in Stages 8 and 10 of the first game - a dual sided version, whose ID number is 28.

Sometimes the ramp is placed the other way around and placed in front of a ramp. Cars colliding with the wall will get damage inflicted according to the car's endurance: small cars/racers will receive moderate to heavy damage, while larger cars will receive little to light damage. This is why black and yellow chevrons are 'painted' onto the back of it, and why players occasionally consider it a Hazard.


Low Wide Ramp waste